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Persona 5 guide: 4/15 walkthrough

What to do on April 15

Today starts on a sad note. Shiho, Ann’s friend on the volleyball team, throws herself off the roof of the school and into the courtyard. You and Ryuji need to find a way to get past all the students and check on her.

The usual exit is busy, so run toward the front of the school building on the first floor and run into the pack of students. Now you will be on the other side of the school. Head up and out the doors to get into the courtyard.

After Shiho gets taken away to the hospital, you and Ryuji will corner Mishima into another conversation. Once he caves, the three of you will pay a visit to Kamoshida in his office. Follow Ryuji. You are going to the second floor hallway and entering into the single blue door next to the grey double doors. Now things will go from bad to worse as you learn the horrible things that Kamoshida has done. He also threatens to expel all of you.

Back to the castle

Now you are going back to the castle, and accidentally bringing Ann along with you. Once you kick her out, head through the ventilation shaft and turn left. After a brief cutscene, go through this door, and learn the Hold Up technique. After two fights, you will go through another hallway and pass a barred corridor. Keep going until you come across a room full of guards.

Take care of the enemies, and grab the chest in the corner. Now you will find yourself in a safe room as you eavesdrop on some guards who have captured Ann. The heist is on hold now, so leave the safe room and backtrack through the now respawned enemies. Once you come up to the previously locked hallway, head down it to find Ann.

Fighting the guard captain

Watch Ann discover her Persona, and then fight a demon sitting on a toilet. Use Ann’s new fire ability to weaken it, and then beat on it with your other teammates. He can hit your entire party at once, so take him down as fast as possible. He doesn’t have much health, so just use your strongest abilities, and take him down before he gets the chance to hit you too many times.

Back to the real world. Time to take Morgana back to your room. Eventually, Sojiro will find out and prove himself to be a big softy, just like we always expected. He will let Morgana stay and even bring him some food. Now go to sleep. It has been a long day.

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