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Persona 5 guide: All of December, the Prison of Regression and the end walkthrough

The Prison of Regression, Treasure of Mementos boss fight, Holy Grail boss fight, God of Control Yaldabaoth boss fight

Starting on Nov. 25, you will be given free time. You should be familiar with this by now. You are rapidly approaching the end of Persona 5, so be sure to finish up the stories you want to see.

Table of contents

11/25 - 12/17 free time (23 days)

There are several ways to spend your free time:

  • Spend as much time with friends as possible. It is basically now or never with your Confidants, so finish leveling up whoever you can. If you aren’t in a relationship with one of your female friends yet, make that happen as soon as possible or forever hold your peace.
  • Mementos, "Swindling Old Folk is Pretty Low:" For this request, head all the way down to floor 13 of the Adyeshach area. You will need these floors in Mementos unlocked before you can finish the game, so might as well take the time now. The boss is very easy. Hit him with your physical skills and magical abilities. He will go down in no time.
  • Mementos, "The Head Honcho in Showbiz:" Go all the way down to Sheriruth 14, the last floor in Mementos (or is it?). Shadow Asakura will be on the platform. For being the only S difficulty request, this guy goes down without much of a problem. Use Nuke skills and he will fall quickly. Take out this rather … um … phallic boss to net yourself a sweet piece of armor.

12/18 Sunday

The election is today. Shido wins, of course, but his acceptance speech is a little more somber than expected. He breaks down and confesses all of his crimes to the country. Celebrate with your friends in Leblanc and then head to sleep.

12/19 Monday

With Shido confessing his crimes, you can go back to school. Head back and find out that you have finals tomorrow. Time to go home and study with friends for the rest of the night.

12/20-22 exams

You have exams on these days. If you need help with any answers, we’ve got you covered.

12/22 Thursday

You have exams today but you also get to have some free time after. Spend it with whoever you want. This is your last full day of free time, so spend it wisely.

12/23 Friday

Hang with the gang today and have one final meeting in Leblanc. When you head to sleep, Morgana will hit max level and Igor will have a chat with you. Tomorrow you enter the depths of Mementos.

12/24 The Prison of Regression

All of today is going to be the Mementos depths. You will enter automatically later in the day. Head all the way down to Sheriruth 14 and open the final door. You will now be on Iweleth 1. Head forward and enter the scary-looking door. Time to learn what secrets Mementos holds.

This dungeon is very story-focused. This guide will proceed with all story content absent, so we won’t spoil anything.

Floor 1

Before proceeding. it is worth mentioning that talking to one of the twins outside of the velvet room entrance will heal you fully as well as restore all of your SP. Be sure to visit them every time you reach a safe room.

Look to your right to see a large group of people. Take the left path around them. Jump on the platforms until you reach a large opening. Jump up to it and go through.

Jump down and follow the left path. You will get into a fight. Use Wind to take the enemies out quickly. Head forward and examine the panel.

This will be your first of many pattern puzzles. This dungeon is very straightforward but your progress is gated through these kinds of puzzles. The goal is to turn all of the yellow platforms into blue platforms. The platforms switch colors when you walk over them.

For this one you want to go: down, down, right, up, right, up, left, left.

Activate the panel once you are finished and the door will open. Head forward and grab the chest to your left. Take the door on your right.

Jump down and go forward. Take a left and start another puzzle.

The solution for this one is: right, right, right, left, left, up, down, right, left, left.

Hit the switch at the end and proceed forward. Take two rights and enter another puzzle area.

The solution for this one is: down, right, down, down, up, left, up, down, up, up.

Hit the switch and proceed forward. You will be in a room with a gigantic pit. Take the Morgana bus down.

Floor 2

Take a left, then a right and follow the forward path. Take the stairs and then two rights. Take the second left and then another right. Go left and jump down. Follow the path and grab the chest.

Go through the door on the path and jump down again. Take a left and run right into the Passageway Safe Room . Teleport to entrance to get a full heal from the twins and then proceed.

Take a right out of the safe room and fight the Warden.

While he is completely immune to physical attacks, he is weak to Nuke skills. Use Makoto to take him out quickly. Once he falls, grab the odd disc behind him.

Return to the Passageway Safe Room and take the left path instead. You will now be at another puzzle. Before you try and solve it, go to the back side of the wall in the middle of a puzzle. Place the disc into the slot to open a secret room.

Activate the puzzle.

The solution for this one is: down, left, down, down, right, right, up, up, left, right, down, left (into the room), right, up, left, up.

Activate the switch and move on. Take the door and head down into another large pit.

Floor 3

Go forward and follow the path. There are a lot of enemies on this floor, so be careful. At the end of the path, you will come up on another puzzle. This one will be slightly different. This puzzle only allows you to make a certain amount of moves before failing you instantly. All of the puzzles from here on out will be like this. The white dots on the platform denotes the number of moves remaining.

This puzzle will also add in the dark bridge. This is a platform suspended over a hole that does not have a puzzle associated with it, meaning that you can move over it freely.

The solution for this puzzle is: down (onto the bridge), down, right, right, up, up, left, left.

Hit the switch and proceed forward. Ignore the first puzzle on your left and keep going straight. You will come up on yet another puzzle.

The solution for this one is: left, down, right (bridge), right, right, left, left (bridge), right, up, left.

Grab the disc behind the wall and return to the other puzzle in this room. Use your new disc on the slot in the wall to open a passageway.

Now that you have it open, proceed to start the puzzle.

The solution for this one is: left, down, down, right, up (room), up, right, down, down, left, up (room), up.

You are almost done with these puzzles. Head forward and follow the path. Jump down and go through the door. Go forward and take a right. You will now be in a large room with several puzzles. Head to the right pylon first and activate it.

The solution for this one is: right, down, up, left, left, right, right, left.

Hit the switch to open up an area that makes the next puzzle solvable. Head to the left side puzzle now.

The solution for this one is: left, left, down, down, right, right, up, up. Just go in a circle.

Activate the switch to lower another platform. Finally, approach the center pylon and activate the puzzle.

The solution for this final puzzle is: left, left, right, down, left, down, down, right, up, up, up, right.

The door will open. Proceed forward and hang a left for the Lower Passageway Safe Room. Heal up and proceed forward into the shrine. Jump down into the depths.

Treasure of Mementos boss fight

There isn’t a whole lot to be said about this particular boss fight. Whale on it as much as you can and make sure that you keep your party members healthy. Once its health falls a little bit, the masses will sacrifice themselves to heal it. Over time, Treasure of Mementos will change from black to gold. Repeat the process until it is shiny as can be.

A cutscene will eventually trigger, and the gang will be kicked out of Mementos.

After some important story moments, you will have to face a familiar foe. You will be unable to move for the fight. Have no fear, you are supposed to lose.

Choosing an ending

After this fight you will be offered a single dialogue choice. Answering "Very well …" will net you the "good" ending, which actually isn’t good at all. The game will end now and you will not fight the final boss. However, if you want to see the "true" ending, answer with "I refuse."

Once you gain control again, walk around the prison area of the Velvet Room. Speak to each one of your teammates and convince them to follow you for one last ride. Once you have found your six human teammates, return to the center of the Velvet Room to have a quick meeting. Once you are all united again, head up the stairs.

Ascending the temple

This miniature dungeon is hardly a dungeon at all. Instead, it is a mini-boss rush leading up to the final fight. Follow the path ahead of you, and watch out for treasure chests along the way. Each time you reach a circular platform you will fight a mini-boss. You can return to the Velvet Room entrance for health and SP.


Uriel will summon additional minions to fight alongside him. Use Curse skills to take them out as quickly as possible. Use abilities with a high probability of criticals to take Uriel down quickly.


Use critical strikes, just like you did with Uriel. However, Raphael will spend most of the fight buffing himself. This will make his attacks extremely lethal. Use Ann to remove these buffs, and continue whittling his health down piece by piece.


Gabriel uses very powerful Bless moves. Make sure you have a Persona that has Null Bless. If you get lucky, Gabriel will do most of the damage to herself instead of to your party. Aside from that, continue using criticals, just as you have with Raphael and Uriel.


Michael is a combination of all three of the angels before him. Use Curse skills to take down his adds, remove buffs, and reflect Bless skills. Use critical hits much as you can, and he will go down without much of a problem.

Once Michael has fallen, return to the Velvet Room entrance for some health. Once you are ready, proceed over the bridge and enter the final fight.

Holy Grail boss fight

At the start of the fight you will need to send someone to cut the healing vines. Pick a member of your party to go and wail on the boss with the remaining three. Each time you deal a certain amount of damage, your part member will inch forward. Once they have cut the vines, the fight is on.

The Holy Grail can no longer heal. Now you just have to kill it before it kills you. Buff yourself and your teammates. Beat on the Holy Grail with your most powerful abilities. When it charges up for Eternal Light, use Guard or you’re going to get one-shot killed. Once the Holy Grail falls, the true fight begins …

God of Control, Yaldabaoth boss fight

This fight is very long but not particularly difficult. For the time being, use your most powerful abilities on the boss. Lower his defense and raise your attack. Eventually, the boss will start equipping himself with weapons.

Gun of Execution

The Gun of Execution is invulnerable against Wind and Gun damage. Take it down as quickly as possible. Use abilities that can hit multiple targets to take down both the arm and the boss at the same time.

Bell of Declaration

The Bell of Declaration is invulnerable against Psi and Fire attacks. Take it down as quickly as possible. Use abilities that can hit multiple targets to take down both the arm and the boss at the same time.

Sword of Conviction

The Sword of Conviction is invulnerable against Physical and Electric damage. Take it down as quickly as possible. Use abilities that can hit multiple targets to take down both the arm and the boss at the same time.

Book of Commandments

The Book of Commandments is invulnerable against Ice and Nuke damage. It will occasionally cast a counter spell. During this period, do not attack the boss or the book. Once it wears off, take it down as quickly as possible. Use abilities that can hit multiple targets to take down both the arm and the boss at the same time.

Once you have lowered the boss’ health enough, he will begin partially healing arms. Take these low health arms out as quickly as possible while still damaging the boss. When his health gets very low, he will pull out all four arms at once and do a super move. Use Guard to avoid death.

Ignore the hands for now and focus all of your damage on the boss. Eventually, he will fall.

Things aren’t over just yet. Enjoy a really cool cutscene before you deliver your final blow.

Time for some very emotional cutscenes. Talk to Sae for a bit and then spend some time with your special someone.

12/25 Sunday

Turn yourself into the cops.

January - March

Your friends will spend this time trying to free you from Juvenile Hall. They will succeed just in time for you to spend Valentine’s Day with your special friend.

You will receive a gift based on who you chose as your girlfriend. This will carry over into New Game Plus.

3/19 Sunday

Walk around Tokyo and say goodbye to all of your max rank Confidants. Each of them will give you a gift that carries over into the next playthrough. Make sure you don’t forget to visit the Velvet Room if you maxed out your Strength Confidant. Once you have talked to everyone, return home to Leblanc and say goodbye for a final time.

3/20 Monday

Leave Tokyo and return home.

Thanks for playing along with us, and we will see you in New Game Plus.

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