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Persona 5 Royal guide: Okumura’s Palace Will Seeds of Greed locations

Find the red, blue, and green Will Seeds in Okumura’s palace

Okumura will seed locations Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon
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In this Persona 5 Royal guide, we’ll show you how to find all three Will Seeds of Greed and get the Crystal of Greed in Okumura’s Palace.

Persona 5 Royal’s dungeons are largely the same as they were in Persona 5 — despite the occasional use of the new grappling hook. But one major change in each palace is the existence of Will Seeds. Each Persona 5 Royal palace now has three Will Seeds hidden inside. Picking up all of them will net you a sweet new item, which Jose can later upgrade for free in Mementos.

Red Will Seed of Greed location

Okumura’s Palace’s red Will Seed of Greed is at the top of the Facility Passageway. The room is a giant circle, and you need to grapple all the way up to the top to find the Will Seed. When you reach the top, walk forward and open the sealed door to pick up your first seed — the red Will Seed of Greed.

Green Will Seed of Greed location

Okumura’s Palace’s green Will Seed of Greed is in the Export Line area. Cross the first arm to the left side of the room. Look for a shelf filled with computers and servers. Interact with it to disable a barrier near the green Will Seed. Turn around and climb the boxes behind you using the grapple. Go in the vent and you’ll eventually find the sealed door. Go inside to pick up the green Will Seed of Greed.

Blue Will Seed of Greed location

Okumura’s Palace’s blue Will Seed of Greed is in the Transfer Line area, toward the end of Okumura’s dungeon.

Instead of following the tubes normally — jumping from place to place — look for a group on the right side of the map that’s just a straight line. Follow the tubes until you reach a powerful Shadow. Kill the Shadow and open the sealed door to pick up the blue Will Seed of Greed.

Okumura’s palace Will Seeds of Greed rewards

For all your trouble, you’ll get the Crystal of Greed, which increases the user’s attack for several turns at the start of battle. When you use Jose to upgrade it to the Ring of Greed, it offers an additional spell that causes the next magic spell to deal more than double damage.

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