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Persona 5 Royal passive stat raising guide

How to raise your stats without wasting time

A maxed out stat window in Persona 5 Royal, showing a huge filled out yellow star Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon
Julia Lee (she/her) is a guides producer, writing guides for games like The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and Genshin Impact. She helped launch the Rift Herald in 2016.

In Persona 5 Royal, time is limited. Without using a step-by-step guide, it’s nearly impossible to 100% the game in one go, as almost every action you take will make time pass.

However, Persona 5 Royal — an expanded version of Persona 5 that hit PlayStation in 2020 and everywhere else in 2022 — includes some new methods to raise your stats without having to waste time.

Below, we list out ways to increase your stats without wasting time (some of which are from the original game, too).

Buy books and read them during down time

Once you have money to burn, start buying books and reading them during downtime on the train. You can also borrow books from the school’s library. After you rank Kawakami (Temperance) to social link 5, you’ll get opportunities to read during class as well.

Books reward multitudes of different stats, and some books even unlock advanced minigame techniques.

Grab the juice from the Shibuya Underground Walkway every Sunday

Every Sunday, the juice stand in the Shibuya Underground Walkway has a special stat-raising drink to buy for 5,000 yen. You should buy it every week — even if the stat it raises is maxed out — or else a new drink won’t be in stock the next week.

A woman at a drink stand in Persona 5 Royal notes that she’s selling a special drink today Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

Feed your plant

After cleaning up the attic (an activity that doesn’t make time pass), you’ll unearth a houseplant from the mess. Every 16 days, you can tend to the plant using nutrients you buy from the flower shops. Make sure to tend to the plant before you go on whatever nightly excursion you plan on doing.

Feeding it Bio Nutrients (from the Shibuya Underground Mall) will net you two Kindness points, while feeding it Mega Fertilizer (from the Shinjuku flower shop) will give you three Kindness points.

A menu prompt asking what you want to feed your plant: Garden Energy or Mega Fertilizer Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

Answer the school questions correctly

This one is obvious, but make sure to answer the classroom questions correctly for a free Knowledge point.

Fill out the crosswords

Sometimes when you come home to Leblanc, there will be a magazine on the back table. Interact with it to fill out the crossword puzzle, which will reward you with a free Knowledge point.

Keep your eyes out for TV trivia

Joker is prompted with two answers for the TV trivia question Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

On specific evenings, the TV in Leblanc will have a trivia show that you can answer to get another free Knowledge point. There isn’t too much of a visual tell for this one — the TV does display a trivia-like image, but there isn’t a question every time this is on screen. You’ll just need to check in with the TV.

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