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Photo Essay

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The many masks of New York Comic Con 2021 cosplay

Necromunda is the most exciting part of modern Warhammer 40K

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Art book reveals the most interesting ideas behind Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

All the rides, attractions, and characters that made it into the Disney theme park land — and some that didn’t

I’m not the only one with three TVs in my living room — meet my compatriots

Magic: The Gathering launches Black Is Magic, focusing on equity and inclusion

Indie games invade Chicago’s weirdest museum for Bit Bash 2019

Mortal Kombat 11 looks amazing thanks to NetherRealm’s new performance capture tech

Photo mode is the best thing to happen to Assassin’s Creed

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Check out the bright red Spider-Man PS4 Pro bundle in these unboxing photos

Sony’s stunning translucent blue PS4 Pro up close

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Fallout 76: Power Armor helmet at Bethesda’s E3 booth looks mighty nice and wearable

The Art of Solo: A Star Wars Story captures the effort to recreate an iconic hero

Look inside The Art of Star Wars: The Last Jedi

The Xbox One X looks unremarkable, except for its size

The Justice League costumes look great in person at NYCC

Bit Bash 2017, a celebration of Chicago’s indie game scene

Star Wars: Legion stole the show at this year’s Gen Con

Meet the new Earthlings coming to ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove

Horizon Zero Dawn’s art book is as beautiful as the game

No Man’s Sky was built for this photo mode

100 days with Valerian

Sonic the Hedgehog and Tails are Build-a-Bear Workshop's newest members

Pore over these gorgeous Minecraft creations

A giant Pikachu joins the staff of Polygon for a day

Your favorite Overwatch heroes are now your favorite Pokémon, too (update)

What's inside the NES Classic Edition

The ultimate Final Fantasy 15 collector's item is a marvel to drive, glorious to behold

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Inside the finest Star Wars art book ever made

The complete works of Ralph McQuarrie, collected for the first time

Nintendo Switch special editions that don’t exist — but should

A look at Sombra's early concepts and her legendary skins

This is what Diablo 1 looks like inside Diablo 3

The mini NES Classic Edition controller’s cable is much, much shorter than the original’s