Activision confirms Modern Warfare Remastered needs Infinite Warfare disc to run

The non-digital special editions of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare will require the Infinite Warfare disc to be in the tray to access the highly anticipated Modern Warfare Remastered that is included, Activision confirmed today.

The publisher issued a clarified FAQ about how the updated 2007 classic is accessed when both launch Nov. 4. New fine print outlining the disc-insert requirement appeared on Call of Duty's official website over the weekend.

Notably, Modern Warfare Remastered must be downloaded fully from PlayStation Network for the PlayStation 4's physical version of the Infinite Warfare special editions. For the Xbox One version, Modern Warfare Remastered is on the Infinite Warfare disc, but requires an additional download before it can be played.

In both cases, the user needs an Internet connection to play Modern Warfare Remastered.

For the Steam edition, "A Steam key will be provided in the Legacy Edition of Infinite Warfare that will provide access to both Infinite Warfare and Modern Warfare Remastered." The FAQ doesn't say if the games are accessed separately or if Modern Warfare Remastered is accessed through the Infinite Warfare client.

These distinctions are important as they make clear that not only is buying either the Legacy, Digital Legacy, Legacy Pro or Digital Deluxe editions of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare the only way to acquire Modern Warfare Remastered, console users buying the Legacy or Legacy Pro edition must keep their disc if they want to play it. Activision's bundling scheme thwarts any plan to acquire one of the special editions, download Modern Warfare Remastered, keep that and then sell the remainder on the gray market or trade it in for store credit.

Further, it appears that the 30-day preview of Modern Warfare Remastered's campaign is limited only to those who pre-purchase a digital edition including it on PlayStation Store. The preview enticement was offered to PlayStation 4 owners back at E3 where it was assumed that the physical editions (Legacy and Legacy Pro) would be included. There is a Digital Legacy Edition and Digital Deluxe Edition for PS4.


"Further, it appears that the 30-day preview of Modern Warfare Remastered’s campaign is limited only to those who pre-purchase a digital edition including it on PlayStation Store. "

I’m fairly certain you can preorder in participating stores as well.

You are right, I just posted about that lol

They really still think this is a good idea? They’ve dug their own grave, and they will lie in it.

They’ve really not. Millions of people will still shell out and Activision will be entirely vindicated.

It isn’t decent in the slightest but it will happen.

I don’t know if making a lot of money necessarily vindicates you…

Possibly not but they certainly aren’t digging their own grave either.

No way – they’ll be just fine.

Maybe he meant the death of fans respect and adulation? " class="emoji">

Hey, just a heads up, this article is wrong about the early 30 days to play modern warfare’s story. You can get it from certain retailers. I work a small part time job at GS and we had to go through this entire thing the other day trying to figure it out. You do have to pre-order the game and have it fully paid off and there is another sku that can be added that prints off a code to play the campaign early.

Man, I wish you worked at my store. I cancelled my preorder and reserved it on my PS4 because the guy kept telling me he "didn’t know what I was talking about" when I mentioned the offer…

Fuck that they’re just making it a hassle now.

Typical avaricious Activision. Pass.

it’s not like none of us have never played the cod4 campaign. a better enticement to buying the digital edition would be 30 days early access to the MP component.

I’d love to play that on my ps3, but I heard it’s been hacked to death, and IW hasn’t bothered addressing the issue. Presumably, they never fixed the mw2 abuses either?

All of these requirements and specific editions and needed discs are kind of funny considering in a few months once sales have dropped off they’ll release a standalone downloadable version of the remaster anyway.

Well I am shocked I say…………………….SHOCKED.

For real tho, this is some bullshit.

Why is it? I think I would be angrier if the game bonus was tied to my account despite my strong attempts at buying all my games physical. I do this in part due to limited internet connection, but I do it even more for the ability to trade, gift, sell, and buy 2nd hand.

What I find ridiculous is that I would have to go through an additional digital download after buying the disk. Even if not a play disk, would have been way more convenient if the game came with a second installation disk.

Well I don’t want Infinity Crapware.

COD will never be as good as it used to be which is why I want the remaster.

Not sure about the US but in AUS you can preorder the disc version and they print a code for MWR. Above article is slightly incorrect re it only being a digital bonus. (also doesnt make much sense if you think about it)

Of course it does, how else are they gonna sell their latest guff?

I wonder if Activision regrets the remaster at this point, given that some of the stipulations for playing it creates such a negative PR situation, as well as the perception that they have absolutely no confidence in the newest game’s sales prospects when compared the potential solo sales prospects of the remaster.

Maybe for a few seconds, then they saw all that money rolling in and started laughing.

Besides someone famous once said,"There is no such thing as bad publicity."

Unlike some, I’m actually excited for Infinite Warfare and Activision bundling MW Remastered and the season pass with the digital deluxe caused me to purchase the game digitally for the first time. I think $100 is a good price for 2 COD campaigns, multiplayer, zombies & map packs. While I agree they should sell it separately for those that are not interested in IW. I wouldn’t be surprised, like many are hoping, that in a few months they do just that and sell it individually once all the maps for MW Remastered are out.


Wait, this is news to some people? This is no different then how its happened in the past with similar deals (PS3 Bioshock Infinite came with digital copy of Bioshock and Medal of Honor came with digital copy of MoH: Frontline- both needed the discs to play the bonus game).

And, it was made very clear over the summer that the 30 day early access was to those who prepurchased via PSN.

I think the difference being that more people seemed to actually want the old game and not the new one.

It’s more like our fears were confirmed to be true with this news. I was at least hoping I could buy CoD:IW, keep the CoD:4 disc, and sell back IW to recoup some of the money. Objectively, IW does not look like a game I am at all interested in, regardless of the CoD tag on it. So I guess they won’t be receiving $60 from me this year!

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