Report: Overwatch overtakes League of Legends as Korean net cafes' most popular game

Overwatch currently boasts the largest share of players at Korean internet cafes (PC bangs), according to Gametrics. The website, which tracks and charts what people are playing at more than 4,000 of the country's PC bangs, lists Overwatch as the game of choice for more than 30 percent of cafe patrons, besting League of Legends' 27.8 percent share.

That's a major achievement for the game, considering League of Legends' longtime popularity with Korean players, many of whom do the majority of their gaming in PC bangs. Prior to this week, League has kept the top spot since August 2012. Overwatch marks the first game in nearly four years to unseat Riot Games' popular multiplayer online battle arena title.

Blizzard Entertainment has long held a special place in the hearts of Korean gamers, thanks to the enduring success of StarCraft. The sci-fi strategy game has been one of the country's biggest hits since it launched in 1998, spawning professional tournaments with well-known players. That includes Overwatch star D.Va who, according to the game's lore, is a top-ranked StarCraft player before joining the newest franchise's cast.

Overwatch will soon get a competitive mode of its own, which Korean players were the first to try out. That will roll out to everyone later this month.

We've reached out to Blizzard to confirm Gametrics' statistics and will update with more when we receive it.


It’s not particularly surprising given how long League had been at the top.

The real test will be when they release the competitive mode and if that entices players to stay or move on.

This is pretty awesome. Just goes to show that a well polished, not rushed out, multiplayer only, no season pass having game CAN do extremely well in the gaming world.

Lol, remember when there were people saying that Battleborn was better and going to destroy Overwatch? Hahahahaha

I like that Battleborn has a coop story mode and I like the humor, but Overwatch is much better in terms of gameplay, which is what counts the most. I really wish they would include more story and lore in the actual game.

Remember when there were people saying that Battleborn was better and going to destroy Overwatch?

I don’t recall one person saying anything remotely close to this, ever. More the opposite.

Glad to know you asked every person on the entire planet!

Are you Santa? Because that’s some Santa power levels right there!

Well, you seem rather.. Unpleasant.
He was simply giving telling you about his experience.

Welcome to our new world of snark… my favorite so far is the "don’t tell me what to do" crowd

Yeah I recall a lot of people saying that Overwatch was doomed to fail because "it doesn’t have enough content" and "nobody will play this if it’s not free-to-play."

Then it went to sell like 10 million copies and apparently is very popular in cafes as well.

But will it stay at the top? Time will tell.

Even more impressive is that Overwatch has cured me of my Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm addictions. It’s typical that the only time I stop playing a Blizz game is when a shinier one comes along.

Funny, Overwatch actually brought my old Heroes group back… only while we were waiting for release after the open beta weekend ended. We hadn’t played Heroes together in several months, but Overwatch got us so hyped that we wanted to keep playing a team game together while we waited.

Reminder to all gamers playing at Korean net cafes. Take breaks to eat, drink, and stretch.

Otherwise you might game for 20 hours straight and have your heart give out when you stand up.

I can’t understand the overwatch hype. The game is so overrated. You have total of 12 maps and 21 hero. A game lasts ~5 minutes. The game becomes boring literally after 3-4 hours of play. At the end, there is nothing to fight about. I think the only thing that makes this game so "good" is just because people are hyped and because is a blizzard game. Hell, they`ve worked so much on their marketing this year, nothing special.

Maybe it’s just not for you?

For many of us, it’s been a lot of fun so far – in a Team Fortress 2 kind of way.

Hopefully it stays crazy popular. It’ll be nice to actually have something in common with my students when I go back to teaching instead of pretending like I understand LoL or Minecraft haha

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