Final Wii U models discontinued in Japan


Production on new Wii U sets has ended, according to Nintendo’s Japanese website. A page detailing the models of the console that are currently in production indicates that the final two sets have been discontinued, officially marking the end of the system’s lifespan.

Following the release of its third quarter earnings financial report this morning, the company’s website updated to show that the remaining Wii U models have been discontinued in Japan. These include the 32 GB Splatoon bundle and the standard 32 GB Deluxe model.

Nintendo announced last November that it planned to cease production on the console by the end of the year. Rumors flew that Nintendo would stop making new Wii U units ahead of the Nintendo Switch’s full reveal, which came in October. The Wii U’s follow-up does away with many of its predecessor’s features, including the tablet controller’s second screen and the Miiverse social community.

The Wii U, which launched in 2012, suffered at retail throughout its lifespan. The console’s performance was a letdown to fans and Nintendo alike, as reflected by diminishing sales returns and game releases over the years.

The Switch will hit stores on March 3, giving retailers just enough time to clear out Wii U stock and make room on their shelves for Nintendo’s latest console.


Please let there be a price drop here in the States. Please let there be a price drop here in the States.

I don’t see a price drop. They are mostly sold out everywhere anyway.

Maybe. I don’t think there’s a ton of stock out there for Nintendo to discount. I think that the gamepad was too expensive for Nintendo to produce for it to get too substantial of a price drop over its relatively short life span.

You accidentally highlighted all of your text, copied it, and then pasted it again.

Nothing accidental about it.

I felt bad, then remembered mine has sat in the entertainment center, unhooked from the TV and power, for almost a year. I bought it December 2014 because a new Zelda was due out in 2015…

I guess I’ll hang on to it, though: I may decide to still try the new Zelda, and it seems the after-market value may be pretty good on these.

Will love my WiiU until it breaks. It bring me back into playing games and don’t care that it wasn’t successful commercially. It gave me what i needed in very bad personal times.

Good night, sweet prince. You were by far the worst console that I’ve ever owned, sorry.

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