Star Trek: Discovery is getting a second season

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At the beginning of this month, Star Trek: Discovery’s co-creator and executive producer, Alex Kurtzman told us that we wouldn’t have long to wait before we’d know if the show was getting renewed for another season. And he was right.

CBS announced today that Star Trek: Discovery has been renewed for a second season. Despite multiple delays and friction behind-the-scenes in the show’s preproduction — including fear from CBS that the show was too expensive to succeed — it seems to be doing quite well for the network.

“In just six episodes, Star Trek: Discovery has driven subscriber growth, critical acclaim and huge global fan interest for the first premium version of this great franchise,” said CBS Interactive president and COO Marc DeBevoise in a press release.

According to the release, the show has driven record subscriber sign-up numbers for CBS All Access. The subscription streaming service recently broke internal records with its best day, week and month of sign-up activity. It makes sense that CBS would want to continue that trend, both by renewing Discovery for a second season and by expanding its first season.

Star Trek: Discovery’s second season does not yet have a release date, but considering the production time on its first, and statements from Kurtzman, we shouldn’t expect it until 2019.


Good, because I am really enjoying this so far.

My thoughts exactly.

I’m not an old school Star Trek fan, so I couldn’t care less about it’s canon, timeline, or general Star Trekiness—it’s just a fun show that I like watching.

Well, good for them.

Bad for everyone who resents the dispersal of content across Balkanized streaming services, but good for them.

Yep, I refuse to watch the show because of the way they’re distributing it. I’m not subscribing to CBS All-Access for one show only. Hell, the only other show I watch on CBS at all is The Amazing Race, so it’s not like I’m interested in the subscription in order to see missed episodes of current or past shows.

If its anything like "The good fight" the show will be on vudu or amazon a couple months after the last episode of the season. Then a few months after that probably the bluray set so technically no one has to sub to cbs all access if they want to watch the show.

Well, I’m glad there’s more Star Trek coming. I’m waiting for the season break to catch up and make my own verdict, but even a mediocre start can still become great Trek (just look at TNG). I still wish it wasn’t locked onto CBS streaming platform (in the US), but we can’t have everything.

I had reservations about CBS all-Access, and I’m so glad I took a chance on it to watch this. This show has quickly become my favorite thing about Sunday Evenings.

I like the show I am glad they are getting a second season.

That said, I’am still wondering how they are going to reconcile the technology differences in the show. The discovery has technology that would fit right at home in the 24th century. Its almost like they are making a prequel in sequel clothes. The visuals on the show are pretty impressive for a TV budget.

Its kind of hard to ignore things like Holographic communicators which were introduced in the 24th Century DS9:For the Uniform. The Holographic training was pretty cool but no where in TOS or the Movie era did they ever show anything like that.

TAS (not TOS) had a "holodeck" and even TOS had the "recreation rooms" that had had holographic elements. This was NOT a holodeck in Disco, it wasn’t portrayed to be as real as TNGs fancy futuristic holodeck, especially after the Bynars beefed it up. Heck they had to take in laser tag guns into the "holodeck." Seems more like a AR training sim from the future, but it was obvious people who wanted to nitpick about the show would try to make this a sticking point.

The holographic communication on the other hand is a legit complaint especially seeing as how they made Such a big deal about it on DS9. Obviously it’s nowhere near as good, it looked like people were actually in the same room as you in DS9, but still, that was the fist we saw it. Chalk that guy up as a compromise made for modern television. As a fan since watch TOS reruns in the 80s, I’m fine with all of these "issues," some Trek fans are so slavish to previous iterations cough TOS cough they hate anything that’s not that.

Its understandable that the technology in the show can’t be rooted in an 60’s aesthetics but at the same time it should look feel like its predecessor to what came later. How are they going to explain the reason for going back to using the viewscreen communication for 120 years. It doesn’t prevent my enjoyment of the series, its just weird when you see things that either are or feel like they are anachronistic to the series.

The second I saw the holographic laser tag I just thought – "here we go, this is all we’re going to be reading about on the Internet tonight!!!"

I think it’s intentional fan-baiting which ifnothing else, gets people talking about the show!

Last night’s ep did two great things though:

Provide a pretty decent explanation as to why Sarek is a prick towards Spock in TOS

Showed the captain making an incredibly dark and selfish choice. I haven’t felt that way watching an episode of Trek since the ending of the 6th Season DS9 ep "Behind the Lines" where Odo lets Rom get captured by the Dominion.

100% agree

I’m worried that I might hate this show.

Interesting to note that CBS won’t reveal the number for their record subscriber sign-ups. If you’re starting at 0 and get to 10 it’s still record numbers (yes, I know they had subscribers before that).

The only reason I’m still watching this is because it has the name Star Trek in the title, if it didn’t I’d have stopped after the second episode. I’m still hoping it will get better.

I mean it’s Star Trek, I would expect it to be their biggest draw. Is there anything else on All Access that’s worth paying for? It’s basically like Starz and Power. That aside I just started the show (not on CBS) and I like it, so this is good to hear.

I signed up for the free first week, and then canceled, but CBS gave me a free month so I’m good for a few more free episodes, after that, I’ll be done. Other than Disco, the service is trash. Absolutely flooded with network tier garbage shows, obviously. They don’t have content to compete with the likes of HBO much less other B/C tier "premium" cable networks.

An interesting thing would be to compare what profits their US audience is pulling in versus their profits from other parts of the world where the show is on Netflix rather than CBS’s streaming service.

GOOD. I was so worried that because it is streaming only (and on CBS All Access in the US only) that it was never going to live past season 1.
The show is really good. Older hardcore Trek fans may be displeased with how it is not just The Next Generation again. But if you give it a chance as its own show and don’t get nitpicky about what it could have been instead, it’s actually a really good story and worth the time for anyone who likes Trek and scifi and isn’t too caught up in wishing CBS had made a show with Worf as a Captain or whatever.

As a fan of older Trek I definitely have my annoyances, like the fact that many of the crew members of the Discovery seem to actively compete with each other, and get irritated by one another.

A ship’s crew is supposed to be like… a team, but most of them try to one-up the other and their conversations can get very hostile for people who have supposedly known each other for many years.

But all of that being said, I’m very happy to see new Trek and I enjoy this show quite a bit. Hoping for many more seasons.

My feelings is that the team is just getting to get alligned. Half of them just got thrown aboard during these first few eps, her being a "mutineer" didn’t help much. I do like these people being more human than the perfect suits they were who only had problems in their own chambers

Really really enjoying the show btw. It’s not pure Trek but it does have heart and the storylines have been interesting enough even if the tech seems way more progressive than "later" trek seasons (timeline). Biggest gripe is that the "instant warp" isn’t there anymore in the future.

I wonder about the instant warp thing. Maybe it all ends horribly?

I’m enjoying the show but I hope we get the occasional stand-alone episode. The fact that it’s a serialized show kind of forces everything into a running narrative which, in turn, limits the design space for the series. I’m worried this will prevent us from having some of what made older Trek shows so magical – those occasional episodes which were just beautiful, hour long stories that you remember years later.

Trek has always had arcs. Im not worried

I hope the new season has all different characters. It would be cool if the next season takes place on a new Discovery ship at some point in the future.

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