Breath of the Wild players can’t stand its motion control puzzles

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a fantastic game by all accounts. But to many players, what’s keeping the Nintendo Switch launch title from true perfection — dog-petting aside — are those dang motion control-heavy Shrine puzzles.

One of the core objectives in Breath of the Wild is traveling around the world in search of Shrines, mini-dungeons that require players to solve a single puzzle before they can get out. Sometimes these puzzles rely on logic or Link’s magical skill set. Others, unfortunately, require some very, very precise usage of the Joy-Con controllers’ motion control capabilities.

Although different shrines force players to tilt their controllers in unique ways, there’s one in particular that’s invoking their ire. An early game shrine, called Myahm Agana, requires players to navigate a ball around a maze, and the only way to do that is by making precise movements. It requires a ton of trial and error, and mostly error, as tilting the Joy-Con controllers even a little too far will send the ball flying out of the maze.

Twitter users have voiced their disdain for the motion control since just after Breath of the Wild’s launch.

We also did an informal poll of our Vox Media compatriots, and the consensus was that the motion control is definitely Breath of the Wild’s one bum note. We all do love Breath of the Wild, tilting maze puzzle aside — and thankfully, one YouTuber has found an easy trick to breeze through what is a tireless slog for most.

“The key is getting the ball off and flipping the maze over so you can smack it up,” explained user dadbodgames. Watch him show off the trick and wrap the puzzle in just under 90 seconds below. Players who have yet to begin Breath of the Wild would be smart to get this hack ingrained in their minds. That way, they can keep the magnificent experience of the new Zelda adventure from feeling less than perfect.


Blah. Blah. Blah.
Complain. Complain. Complain.

I think Nintendo’s insistence of motion controls is a valid topic to complain about.

When will they stop?

Who said stop?
The complaints have a range of validity and entitlement among them. If you want to argue their right to express themselves, go right ahead. I will continue to use my rights to express my disdain for some overly emotional "gamers". 7

I will continue to use my rights to express my disdain for some overly emotional "gamers".

Exactly. I’m glad the internet wasn’t around for ocarina of time. Imagine how many people would’ve sounded off and then have a whole article written about some disgruntled twitter users.

The Dark Souls’ community ‘git gud’ is applicable here, for once. Like its a game, its meant to be a challenge, suck it up. Deal with it.

Imagine the Twitter storm of hate from players frustrated with the Water temple. Haha I get anxiety just thinking about it

So, to the community of physically disabled gamers, such as myself, who can’t use motion controls your advice is essentially suck it up? Noted.

The motion control arrow aiming in BotW is absolutely awesome and really the best way to pinpoint aim without a mouse.

The motion control puzzles in the shrines SUCK. Their solutions are often obvious but they take forever due to the cumbersome controls. It’s my only complaint besides jumping with X (yes, I realize I can swap it, but sprinting with X is even worse).

…which is why jump is X. I really don’t see why this is an issue for people, BotW isn’t the first game to do it, and after a couple of hours it’s seconds nature.

yup…on my first one i was like fook fook but then u can always cancel ur move and re-position so it’s just a matter of trial and error like every other aspect of the shrines that require u to solve somethin…. they are not the best but they are manageable non the less.

Still not as bad as Rollgoal from Twilight Princess. And as if the original wasn’t bad enough, HD version uses the giant Wii U gamepad to balance.

I didn’t mind it so much on the Wii U, with the gamepads size it was easy to make small movements, and the tracking didn’t feel as sluggish as it does in BotW.

Are you saying it isn’t valid?

It’s a valid complaint.
The game is amazing, but the implementation of motion controls for these puzzles (and there is more than one shrine with them) is hot garbage in the midday sun.

I figured out a pretty quick way to beat that one(easier, I think, than the flipping the board bit):

1.Right off the bat rotate the maze 90 degrees, so that the exit end is point towards you, before the ball is dropped

2. The ball will fall onto that exit part.

3. Rotate back and exit the maze.

I originally tried actually completing the whole maze and got frustrated by the drift that would occur in the rotation values.

i did the same, the problem is getting the damn ball from the maze to the platform

True, you have to tilt down and then tilt up at the last second to toss it up in the air. Maybe I just got lucky, but I got that part on the first go.

That was the trickiest part for me. Getting to the end was fine; getting it off the maze and onto the platform without bouncing a wild way was tedious as hell.

I hopped into the maze and whacked the ball off the platform with the stasis rune. This was after a few failed attempts to get it to ramp off with its on rolling momentum as I rocked the maze back and forth.

damn, thats brilliant

Thank you. I honestly thought that was the way it was meant to be done, though. Are you familiar with the Micro Shaz shrine? Stasis becomes very useful for shrines like that one, and some of the Korok puzzles that involve placing boulders in holes. Link is trying out for the next Mario Golf tour.

Ditto, but I found it much easier to make the jump this way than with the entire maze flipped over.

Same here! Super easy.

That maze puzzle was super easy once you just flip the whole thing over!
I also did it by rotating the whole thing and catching the ball as it dropped into the last corridor.

I did the same thing! Easy peasy

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