The Wolf Among Us season 2 arrives next year

Telltale Games will release a second season of The Wolf Among Us: A Telltale Games Series, an adventure game based on the comic series Fable, in 2018. The developer revealed that the game was in the works as part of its summer 2017 update, embedded above.

Bigby Wolf, the hero of the first game, returns for the sequel. Expect to make more tough choices in the darkly tinged fairy tale world when it launches next year.

Fans of The Wolf Among Us’ first season have pelted Telltale with sequel requests since it wrapped three years ago. Telltale made light of this in the video update, highlighting tweets from fans begging for more from the world. As recently as this week, the studio denied any hint that a second season was in the works, throwing fans off their trail with some success.

In an Ask Me Anything session earlier this year, Telltale communications head Job Stauffer gave fans hope that The Wolf Among Us would return.

"We have been asked over and over again for some insight into the mystery at the end of the finale for [The Wolf Among Us],” Stauffer wrote. “Something I've always wanted to admit is that while we do have a clear answer to who was who at the end of that story... we had also agreed to keep it a mystery for the fans to ponder on their own. Definitely fun to see all of the theories pour out, and exciting to pay off our neon-noir story with a femme fatale twist.”

The conversation restarted this week, when Stauffer tweeted about his own wish to come back to the series.

“We'd KILL to step back into that world [of The Wolf Among Us] some day and we know our fans would too," Stauffer wrote on Twitter, just after saying, "Your voices and your passion will never go unheard here at [Telltale Games]."

Also on its way is Batman: The Enemy Within, a second season of Telltale’s Batman series, which debuted in August 2016. The first episode will launch Aug. 8 and features new villains like John Doe.

Telltale also teased The Walking Dead’s fourth and final season, which will complete Clementine’s story in 2018.



Nice to see Batman coming so soon, but what about Game of Thrones, damnit.

I’ve been sitting on the final episode for so long. I just can’t take any more heartbreak that’s my fault.

Yeah, that last episode definitely ends on a bit a…down note.

I swear to god that choice at the gate was hard enough (I went with the smart choice even though it hurt).

Happy but also not. I can’t see myself truly caring unless they finally update their engine.

Well considering that there’s no good reason to do so, they probably won’t anytime soon.

The good reason to do so is that it often doesn’t run all that great. Along with constraining animations, control, possible gameplay mechanics, and even audio (I’m not technically proficient enough to know if that is directly related but I’ll let someone else correct me if I’m wrong).

The engine needed to be updated a long time ago.

The engine needed to be updated a long time ago.

I think you need a dictionary because you obviously have no idea what need means.

As you admitted you are completely ignorant when it comes to the technical limitations of the engine. This is the same situation as when fallout 4 came out, people who have no idea what a game engine even does, complaining that the engine is too old, and holds the game back.

The reality is that changing a games engine is a monumental task that won’t show,near as much benefit as you believe it will. True, it is possible that it could help animations, and other technical aspects a bit it has absolutely nothing to do with control or gameplay mechanics.

control or gameplay mechanics.

Even in the face of my "complete" ignorance I know that the game engine does have barring on the sort of game play that can take place within it.

Bearing* auto-correct.

Thank you for helping me prove my point, no the engine does not effect gameplay design at all. While yes if they were using homemaker, or some other beginning engine then, yes that would limit game play options, but not telltale’s own engine.

I’m hoping they polished the engine that runs these games. Batman had too many bugs, and I haven’t checked out GotG yet.

Since they’ve just sh*t on Walking Dead with season 3 not too confident… but fingers crossed

I’ll be honest, if this isn’t a completely new engine or they really step up their game, I’m done with Telltale’s games.

The Walking Dead Season 3 was horrible from a technical standpoint. The art style was horrible (the mix of comic book style flat textures and shiny skin textures), the framerate was abysmal, jerky/incomplete feeling animations, stilted animations, lifeless animations, poor voice acting. Terrible music that didn’t fit scenes or ended/started too late/early. Horrible jump cuts with loading screens. It was a step back from Season 1/2 in every possible regard.

They either need to cut down on the number of games they’re making so that they can dedicate more attention to each one to avoid stuff like this and make a new engine that actually fits modern consoles and PCs, or they need to hire more folks so they can assign more people to their games.

Ugh. Sorry, I’m ranting, but just kind of sick of "Telltale Quality".

Agreed. I had just bought a new iPad Pro and found the game to work horribly on it. I contacted their product support and they had the gall to tell me they did not support the device officially. Aside from saying different on the store page (iPad Air 1 and above means the Pro models were included), it was simply madness to have the highest performing device of an already supported series not properly optimized for. It was nearly unplayable and I was also told that, the game being "old" (at what, a little more than a year after release?) they were unlikely to update it as they had newer games to take care of.

Oh tand they recommended I play the game on a different iPad model or iPhone, as though one just pulled those out of one’s backside if needed.

Great writers, but really terrible programmers. This is nothing new, I mean you can go back to Origin (the "We create worlds" studio, not the EA platform) to find more of the same, but that’s no excuse.

You’re trying to play a game that was built for consoles and pcs on a tablet, no fucking shit it isn’t going to work as good.

Except other games have had no problem to run properly on tablets, plus Telltale games don’t even run well on consoles to begin with, so …

(Can’t speak for PC, though.)

On board with you. I understand it’s very tempting to just change the dialogue and textures – yes, I’m simplifying – and slap a popular franchise on the same game over and over again as long as it still sells well, but it comes across as extremely lazy and exploitatory.

The games run rubbishly, the areas are small, there’s hardly any gameplay to consider, the animations look stiff, slow and simplified and the textures are hardly anything to write home about, either, though that still works well enough with the cartoon style games. There aren’t even any great graphics effects. There’s simply no excuse or apparent reason other than: "Hey, we got it somewhat running once and the games sell … we don’t want to mess with that."

Which feels direspectful to the other artists who put so much effort into the games.

This comment right here is a great example of what is wrong with the very small demographic of gamers who come on sites like these just to complain, complete and utter ignorance of how the real world works.

Feel free to enlighten ignorant me, because with your comment, instead of adding anything to the discussion, you have done nothing but insult me without actually knowing me or whether I come on sites like these just to complain.

If I count correctly, not including this one, I have written two comments here praising Telltale games, one comment pointing out an avoidable story spoiler and two comments supporting others’ opinion on technical weakness while still acknowledging their other qualities. Not exactly how you describe me or the demographic I supposedly am a part of.

As far as I know – according to you not much, so I might be wrong – in the real world, argumentum ad hominem doesn’t work well unless when running for president, but the real world does contain a lot of games that run very well even on different platforms and developers who improve their technological performance as time goes by. So that at least seems possible.

To start off, you state that making these games is just "changing the dialogue and the textures". That is beyond an oversimplification, that is a downright lie to try and make a point (something the president does as well). Then you go on to say that telltale doesn’t care that much about making their games. I don’t know if maybe some one from telltale beat you up as a kid, turned you down for a job, kicked your dog, but that is just bullshit. Telltale cares just as much and puts just as much effort into their games as any other AAA developer, including cdpr, naughty dog, or whoever else is your favorite dev.

Thanks for replying. If I understand you correctly, you’re basically making three points about my comment here.

First, that I lied. Yes, if you take my words literally, they’re certainly a lie, albeit an open one and I stated I simplified the matter. Call that a lie if you insist; it wasn’t my intention and considered my expressions clear enough then.

What I wanted to express was that most of if not all their games follow a specific formula right down to the gameplay, structure and story progression, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing because it works and is unique and popular. I really couldn’t see any way to deny that and I’d even go as far as to say the games have become even more similar to each other in that regard over the years. But seen in the context of how many spin-offs of popular franchises they are able to churn out without noticeably improving issues their players complain about repeatedly for long now – some fair, some not in my opinion – I stand by my impression. Which by way of its formulation cannot be a lie to begin with, only false. If you know anything that would explain why it’s false, I won’t fight against having it corrected.

Second, that I might be speaking out of a personal grudge against or dislike of Telltale or employees who work there. That couldn’t be further from the truth as I don’t know anyone there personally and mostly enjoyed every game by them I played, even the ones I initially didn’t expect much of because I didn’t care for the source material. That shouldn’t stop me from criticizing individual aspects that bother me.

Third, that I said Telltale wouldn’t care about their games. I did not and it would be silly. Telltale is not a homogenous blob creature, it’s individuals who work together each with different skills, tasks and levels of influence – and certainly also different degrees of caring for each project. But frankly, just as little as I know about who cares how much about what, neither do you unless you work there or someone close to you who also couldn’t speak for everyone. Just like with all the other developers, I can only judge based on their released products and if I see what I consider negligence – regardless of who’s responsible for it and what’s the motivation behind it – I see nothing wrong in talking about it, especially when it had been adressed already anyways.

Honestly, even though I need not agree with every path they take, I could never say Telltale, overall, wouldn’t care for its games. How could I when, for instance, I like TWAU more than the Fables comics – which I like – and against all scepticism loved what they made out of Borderland’s lore, a series the writing of which was, for me, terribly boring up until then.

My gripe with them for groping for "every" franchise out there partly is also motivated by my wish to see them giving an own, new IP a go, because I totally could see them winning at that, so please keep that in mind when judging my comment.

Well … I hope I could shine a bit more light on what I meant. If I came across as overly negative, no, I did not come hear just to complain.

I thought they lost the license and wouldn’t do any more Fables games. This is excellent news!

And a second season of Batman so soon? Also good!

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