Street Fighter 5’s newest character is Menat


Menat, an all new character, makes her Street Fighter 5 debut on Aug. 29. She was revealed this morning during a break in the final eight round of E-Sports Festival Hong Kong 2017.

There had been plenty of speculation, as far back as May, that Menat would be the new DLC character coming at the end of the month. The fortune teller from Ed’s story mode resembled the next silhouette to be filled in Street Fighter 5’s roster, and a character list leaked before Ed joined the game mentioned Menat by name.

Menat will have three looks, a standard, story mode and battle costume. She’ll be accompanied by 30th anniversary costumes for other characters when the DLC drops on Tuesday.

Menat is the 27th character on the Street Fighter 5 roster and the eighth new character debuting in the game. She follows Abigail, who was revealed back in July at Evo 2017 and became available later that month.

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