Jacksepticeye, Markiplier and more gaming personalities to produce exclusive content for Twitch


Twitch announced today that four top gaming personalities will producive exclusive content for the streaming platform as part of a multi-year deal with Disney’s Digital Network.

High-profile streamers Jacksepticeye, Markiplier, LuzuGames and Strawburry17 will “manage their own channels,” according to Twitch, broadcasting livestreams and creating pre-recorded videos that will remain exclusive to Twitch. The company added that, although the majority of these creators have streamed and archived content on the platform before, “most of the new and exclusive content will debut beginning today.”

Twitch did not specify how many streams or videos the personalities will be contracted to make, but did confirm that viewers will not be prevented from producing clips with the Clips function of those streams that could potentially be upload to YouTube afterward. That said, Twitch did confirm to Polygon that “someone taking that content and then uploading it to another platform without their consent would be copyright infringement,” meaning people can do this, but probably shouldn’t. (None of the content creators are prohibited from uploading to or streaming content on YouTube that wasn’t originally created for Twitch under the new deal, either.)

Michael Aragon, senior vice president of content at Twitch, said that the company is investing in talent, tools and features to help the creator community grow. One of those new tools is Video Producer, an editing and publishing suite that will allow streamers to create “live viewing events for their communities with landing pages, countdowns and scheduling.”

The tools available through Video Producer as of today are categorized in two ways: premieres and reruns. Premieres allow casters to create specific landing pages with countdown clocks. If you hypothetically wanted to watch Markiplier’s next broadcast, he could set up a countdown page to let subscribers and viewers know when he planned to return.

Reruns, like the name implies, will let casters “schedule a re-showing of a video” for people who missed the initial stream but want to watch it with other people. Streamers with big international audiences, for example, could set this up to make for a more interactive, post-stream watch.

The Video Producer tools are expected to go live on Twitch at some time today, along with the first of the four streamers’ exclusive content.


I watch Markiplier. But if he moves to Twitch… I won’t.

There’s actually a very simple reason for that and has nothing to do disliking Twitch or something like that. It’s just that Youtube has TV app and Twitch does not. I can’t watch Twitch on my TV. And the only way I watch Mark is on TV.

If you get a firestick you can watch through that.

I’m not trying to be an ass, I’m just not sure if you’re aware of that option you have.

Firestick, some google stick, whatever stick.

I’m not getting a stick to watch Twitch or anything else.

That’s dude’s voice is as loud and artificial as his hair color.


Interesting little arms race between Amazon and Google here.

It’s an amazing thing. Hopefully, this continues and grows and gives YT a reason to stop parading like an egoistic polar bear on LSD with the suppression of content and other bullshit operations.

If i wanted to be yelled at by a loud Irish man I’d go to my Granddad’s house for dinner more often.

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