Stardew Valley’s next home is on mobile

Stardew Valley is playable on nearly every current console and handheld — but not smartphones. At least, not until now: The hit farming sim is coming to iOS and Android, with the iOS version launching later this month.

“It’s the full game, not a cut down version, and plays almost identically to all other versions,” said creator Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone in a blog post. “The main difference is that it has been rebuilt for touch-screen gameplay on iOS (new UI, menu systems and controls).”

Both the Android and iOS versions of Stardew Valley are produced by mobile developer The Secret Police. Stardew Valley on mobile will also have all the most recent single-player content, but no multiplayer; mods will be absent too. At least players on Windows PC will be able to copy their saves onto their iOS devices via iTunes.

When the iOS version launches on Oct. 24, Stardew Valley will cost $7.99 and have no microtransactions. There’s no price or release date announced for the Android version yet. A trailer above previews what the little farming game will look like on an even littler screen than you’re used to until then.


Noice. Watch this shoot to the top of the App Store above Animal Crossing, Nintendo.

I hope it does so Nintendo brings some "real" games to mobile. All I wanted was a real Animal Crossing on iOS and they couldn’t be bothered

this is fantastic news. I adore this game and I’ll continue to buy it on every platform.

Can we get that touchscreen support added to the Switch version?

no! please!

Probably scared of being glued to the screen 24/7 with SDW available on mobile.

SDW? Stardew Walley?

Haha, sorry. V

Yeah, like Lopogyn said. It’s like when they start stocking your favorite candy in the vending machine at work – you’re elated, but deep down you know this means you’ll die sooner.

Nice! I’m hoping for cloud saves so I could play it on my phone while at work on the train and my tablet at home. I finished my personal "story mode" by getting married, but if this is something that I could play for a few minutes here and there throughout the day, I think I could shoot for a complete encyclopedia.

If you can import the save file from your PC, I don’t know how that bodes for cloud saving. Maybe as an iCloud backup?

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