Limited-edition Super Smash Bros. amiibo box comes with 63 amiibo


Super Smash Bros. fans in need of amiibo for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate are getting a little help from Amazon Japan. The retailer will sell a giant box set of 63 Super Smash Bros. amiibo, starting on the Switch game’s launch day, Dec. 7. The catch is that just 50 of these boxes will be available.

Amazon hasn’t listed a price for the box set, but expect it to go fast with just 50 made. Other Amazon retailers, including the U.S. one, haven’t put a similar set on sale either.

There are 74 characters on the base-game’s roster, however, so you’ll still have to pick up the 11 forthcoming amiibo on your own. This boxset will include the new amiibo that will hit stores alongside Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on Dec. 7 as well. Those include Ridley, Inkling Girl and Wolf.

It looks like it will also come with amiibo that won’t launch until Feb. 15: King K. Rool and the Ice Climbers. Piranha Plant also appears to be in the mix. Amazon hasn’t said when the 50 box sets will begin to ship, but it seems most likely that buyers won’t receive it until at least mid-February.

Nintendo via Amazon Japan

Also included in the giant amiibo box — which serves as a storage case for the figures, should you not have a nice display case on the ready — is a hanging scroll adorned with the Battlefield stage. Amazon suggests you can use it as a backdrop for the amiibo, recreating some of your favorite fights with it.

The next wave of Super Smash Bros. amiibo will arrive later next year, which include Ken, Young Link, Isabelle, Pichu and Daisy. Nintendo has said that it plans to release an amiibo for each fighter, although others who still need them — like Solid Snake and Incineroar — have yet to be announced.


I dunno if I’d go this far but… having an Amiibo for each of my mains lined up on my desk sounds very tempting…..

I never thought of this. Cool idea.

That’d be cool, but it doesn’t matter unless they sell it in physical stores. Amazon selling anything rare will just result in people who write bots buying all 50 in a nanosecond, then relisting them on ebay at quadruple the cost, lol.

I would buy a Solid Snake Amiibo.

Waiting for the pre-order for him and Ken to pop up any day now…

Considering how many collector’s editions come with unnecessary and overly expensive statues, this isn’t a bad idea (except for the ultra-limited nature, of course).

I hope the amiibo storage case actually have 74 positions for all the characters, but only comes with 63 spots filled when the lucky customers purchase the set. Better yet, if the storage case has more than 74 positions, it would be a good subtle hint to the Smash fans that there is possibility of more characters in the future.

Hasn’t it already been confirmed that there will be 5 or 6 more DLC characters in the future, at least?

Yep. 6 if you count piranha plant.

It didn’t seem like an "at least", either. Seems final.

Didn’t they say 5 in the first year or something like that?

Also I’m not sure if Piranha Plant is the first out of 5 or a 6th character.

To me it seemed very clear that they meant five ever. From the official website:

Get all game DLC as it’s released with the Fighters Pass!
Five DLC packs will be released separately. Each one includes:
Smash Bros Ultimate DLC content
Plus, Fighters Pass purchasers get a special in-game costume!
Mii Swordfighter costume:
Rex from the Xenoblade Chronicles™ 2 game
This downloadable costume will be available starting Dec. 7.
DLC packs will also be available for individual purchase upon release for US$5.99 each. All packs will be released by Feb. 2020, but be sure to check back for exact timing and more details.

Emphasis mine.

Piranha Plant isn’t one of the five. He’s free (for a limited time) bonus DLC.

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