Star Citizen’s single-player game targets 2020 release

Cloud Imperium Games

Today, Chris Roberts, creator of the Star Citizen game project, announced that his organization has secured $46 million in private investment. Along with that announcement comes a release window for his team’s single-player game. Squadron 42 is now expected to be released in the summer of 2020, more than eight years after its original Kickstarter campaign.

The investment comes courtesy of billionaire record producer Clive Calder and his son Keith. In exchange, the pair now own approximately 10 percent of the shares of Cloud Imperium Games and have several seats on the board of directors. Roberts maintains majority control of the company.

As a result of the investment, the Star Citizen project is now valued at nearly half a billion dollars.

The Star Citizen project is currently the most-funded crowdfunding project of any kind. Its income from backers in 2017 amounted to more than $34 million, or double the amount earned by every other video game project on Kickstarter that year. Using Roberts own self-reported figures, the $46 million is roughly equivalent to one full year of funding from backers and private partnerships.

In today’s announcement, Roberts implied that much of that additional funding would be spent on promoting Squadron 42, whose cast includes Mark Hamill, Gillian Anderson and other A-list Hollywood talent.

“We are building two of the most ambitious games ever embarked on in gaming,” Roberts said in today’s statement, drawing a firm distinction between the single-player and multiplayer experiences, “with budgets that are unmatched by all but the very biggest projects.”

“We have been acutely aware that having a AAA game that matches the biggest single player games out there only goes so far if no one knows about it,” Roberts continued. “Because of this, we started to investigate ways to raise money to fund the upcoming marketing and release needs of Squadron 42.”

Today, Roberts has also revealed his organization’s financial records for the first time. Figures include money raised from the sale of virtual spaceships, but also partnerships with organizations like Intel.

Cloud Imperium Games

The data show the tremendous earning power of the Star Citizen brand, with roughly $35.7 million earned from backers over each of the previous three years, with current estimates coming in at over $36.8 million for 2018.

As for Star Citizen’s multiplayer offering, the early alpha of the game still features only a fraction of the content promised. Our recent attempts to play the “persistent universe,” or the PU as it’s called, showed a much improved flight model and the beginnings of an in-game economy. Unfortunately, our time was plagued with game-breaking bugs that booted us from its servers or stuck us in orbit without a way home.

The PU has not had a release date since 2016.

Further complicating the matter of Star Citizen’s development is an ongoing lawsuit from Crytek, which initially alleged breach of contract and conspiracy. Recent court documents pin the next update in proceedings to the February 2019 timeframe.


Exsqueeze me?

baking powder?

Poor Project Management: the Game.

I wouldn’t be surprised if years from now it’s revealed that one (or more) people were able to remain employed without ever having done a damn thing through this game.

Oh, there’s likely an entire army of Wallys there.

Considering it was announced a few months before Cyberpunk 2077, and might take a bit longer, but they started from zero, had to build up the company and team on the fly + they are making 2 games it doesn’t seem that poor.

They’ve already done mo-cap and VO work for a game that won’t release for nearly two years.

Cyberpunk wasn’t even being worked on though. Chris Roberts mentioned that he’s had like, 2 years of design work on Star Citizen prior to Kickstarter.

"Design work" aka storyboarding, concept art, maybe a couple of prototypes of the cockpit interactions, Cryengine tech demo that was used for the kickstarter promos.

CR did made a prototype and a trailer. The scope change because of funds. I much prefer to get two Triple-A rather than a copy of Wing Commander with update VFX. He did the right choice and Backers did supported this choice consistently since 2013.

Scope Creep: Expansion pack.

…sure. I’ll believe it when it’s available on Steam and the start menu is on my screen

I still won’t.

Then you are as delusional as the most arduous backers, just on the opposite end of the spectrum. I mean, seriously? Assuming it does release as a finished game, you’re going to deny reality because it goes against all the years of telling yourself "it will never release as a finished game"?

Dude take your meds, they were clearly joking.

Who’s masturbated into your cheerios jfc

I don’t think it’ll be on Steam, mostly because the game runs a bunch of different background stuff that doesn’t rely on Steamworks.

The hate for this game is so bafflingly intense that I think some people will actually be mad if and when they release the product.

The intense hate is directly proportional to the cult-like, blind faith that people have for the game.

I just think this is all gonna end in disappointment. Will make for a good documentary though.

Considering I have literally never encountered one of these so called blind-faith cultists, I’m going to say your statement is false.

You can meet them on the SC forums and reddit. In addition, we can see in TFA that backers have continued to pour money into an unfinished game to the tune of ~$35,000,000 a year.

If that’s not a serious indication of cult-like blind faith, I’m not sure what is.

I mean, rich people give money for risky investments all the time. People saying "this looks cool, I hope it works out, I’m going to support it" doesn’t sound like a crazy cult to me.

Okay. What are these backers actually getting? Risky investments implies that if everything goes right you will win big. You back a kickstarter you get…a game at the end. One which you don’t know if it will even be good. It’s that whole pre-order culture taken to the highest level. Hey here is some worthless game code if you give us your money now. I will never understand this mentality.

You are right about kickstarter. The major difference is who is being the wheel. CR is a senior developer, Erin as well. They did consistently delivered memorable game or at worst pretty good.

A game this huge can probably turn out great on the backs of just two people! lol

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