Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC to include Mii Fighter costumes

Sora Ltd./Nintendo

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate downloadable content will begin to rollout early next year, and it will consist of more than the previously announced fighters pass collection. Nintendo’s support site indicates that Mii Fighter costumes will also be in the mix, sold separately from the larger downloadable content bundle.

These 75-cent purchases will include a single costume for the game’s Mii Fighters, which are customizable characters that players can design from head to toe. There are already plenty of costumes available to purchase and collect throughout the game, ranging from unique headgear to outfits based on existing characters. But just as Super Smash Bros. for Wii U before it, Ultimate’s catalogue clearly has room to expand.

The DLC will be available sometime next year; dates remain unspecified, as do the amount and types of costumes. For comparison, the previous Smash game had six waves of new Mii Fighter outfits, for a total of 42 pieces.

We’ve reached out to Nintendo for more details and will update accordingly.


I hope there are a fair number of general purpose costume pieces instead of just ones based on specific characters. I think the Smash 4 DLC, and now the new game at launch, both tend to overemphasize the latter, whereas I feel like the former does a better job of delivering on the breadth of character customization options the Mii Fighters promised. A Spring Man costume is kind of cool but can pretty much only resemble Spring Man, whereas a space helmet or biker outfit can be used to add the finishing touch to any number of characters or personalities.

Miis are the last characters I care about when it comes to costumes. However, I’ll buy every non-Mii costume they release. Splatoon 2 Inkling styles? Christmas Chrom? Wedding Peach? Hyrule Warriors Ganondorf? Sign me the hell up.

One of my children play as their Mii. So there is a market out there for this.

Ah, good. I was about to ask.

eh, with 70+ characters to choose from and hours upon hours of single player story, I doubt I’ll get bored enough to bother designing anything.

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