A Blizzard tweet has everyone thinking Diablo is coming to Switch

Blizzard Entertainment

Earlier this week, Blizzard tweeted a video of Diablo, the Lord of Terror, the Prime Evil, the Dark Lord, in the form of a nightlight being switched on and off. “Sweet dreams,” Blizzard said in the tweet.

Naturally, many of Blizzard’s followers interpreted that as a harbinger of news: “Diablo is coming to Nintendo Switch.” Because the nightlight had a switch on it. That flurry of speculation spawned two very active threads on the Nintendo Switch subreddit and the Resetera forums.

We contacted Blizzard last night about the tweet and it sounds like everyone should cool their jets ... for now.

“We can assure you we’re not that clever,” a spokesperson for Blizzard Entertainment said via email. “[It was] meant to be a fun community engagement piece. We have nothing to announce.”

That’s not to say that Diablo 3, the most recent entry in the franchise, won’t ever come to Nintendo Switch. Despite being released close to six years ago, the game is still very much an active project for Blizzard. The company brought Diablo 3 to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in 2013, then to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One the following year. Blizzard later updated the game for PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, and it released an entirely new playable class, the Necromancer, last year. Diablo 3’s 13th season of seasonal hero play just recently kicked off, bringing with it new gear and cosmetics.

Will Diablo 3 ever come to Switch? Possibly. “We have nothing to announce” is often public relations shorthand for “We have a careful marketing rollout plan for this announcement and it will happen in due time.” Plus, Blizzard is that clever. One thing’s for sure: Blizzard just got a lot of data about potential interest in a Nintendo Switch port of Diablo 3, thanks to its tweet.

But this isn’t the first time a cute Blizzard tweet has led to speculation that didn’t pan out. In 2016, on the eve of Nintendo’s Switch reveal (when the console was still known as the “NX”), Blizzard tweeted this.

We’re still waiting on that Hearthstone port, Blizzard.

It’s been a long, long time since Blizzard released a game for a Nintendo console, but since Diablo 3 seems like a pretty good fit for the platform — and everyone else is porting their games to Switch as fast as they possibly can — we’re going to hold out hope for Diablo on the go.


"It was meant to be a fun community engagement piece. We have nothing to announce." ha ha yeah right…

Maybe they just aren’t that clever!

i do love that they admitted as much

Eh, I think they know what’s up. Switch owners are eating up everything like zombies and I’m one of them. I never played a Diablo game since the first one on the PS1 so if this came out I’d probably buy it lol.

Doubt so.

People tends to read into things too much.

Last I checked Diablo 3 before any expansions was sitting at around 25GB alone with a PC installation. While its likely possible to scale things down a bit, I’d find it unlikely to release it without the recent expansions bundled together. That’ll up the size once again, which makes it nearly impossible that the game with be playable "out of the box" with the Switch’s paltry storage space.

I guess they could make a bundle with a Diablo themed MicroSD card. But I have a feeling that the size issue might stifle any port chances.

Just use 720p textures and you will save a lot of space.
Also, 400GiB SSD cards that support 4k video recording are apparently a thing now so… Capacity on consoles is not really a major issue.

From what I understand, a big chunk of that is the multiple language files. Supposedly, "an installation of [the Ultimate Evil edition] with audio in a single language will only occupy around 16GB of space."

And frankly, if they just straight-out gutted the cinematics, cutscenes, and voice work, and replaced them with static panels and text, they’d lose nothing of value. That makes 12GB pretty feasible, and that would fit on a cart, no problem.

Very true. I got a 64 microSD card for my Switch, so i have about a 100 Gb total. I’d say this is common. I’d say some shelled out more for the 128. Either way that’s a pretty big chunk. Even with LOD’s and smaller textures, it’d be tough.

And when it comes to cartridges, they’d really want to make the game smaller because cartridges are expensive. The smaller the game is, the smaller the cartridge, and the profits will be much bigger.

Didn’t stop L.A. Noire from getting a Switch port.

Also, Doom on the Switch is like, a third of the size of Doom on the Xbox One, so there’s precedent for Switch versions of games to be significantly smaller.

Please fix Diablo and make it fun again.

it is fun

I played a lot of Diablo II, and considered it one of my absolute favorite games. I didn’t really have fun with Diablo III at all though. I thought they ruined the series too, but then I went back to play Diablo II and … mindless loot gathering is just boring.

Did you just like.. play on release day and then never again? lol

It’s a great game now.

Oh boy, considering all the good things I heard of the console ports, I would snatch this up in a sec on Switch.

Forget Hearthstone, I’ll take D4 next. It probably won’t happen though.

Diablo 3 makes a tonne of sense on Switch and people will buy it like hotcakes. This is definitely a confirmation.

expect loot boxes

It literally took me an entire day to understand where people where getting the idea that this was a hint at a Switch port. I kept coming back to this just completely baffled at what I was missing.

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