Insomniac’s Spider-Man will swing into action early in prequel novel

Titan Books

Titan Books will collaborate with Marvel and Insomniac Games to publish two tie-in books for Insomniac’s upcoming Spider-Man, the first of which will be Spider-Man: Hostile Takeover, a prequel to the events of the game.

“Leading directly into the beginning of the game, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Hostile Takeover features some of Spidey’s most famous friends and foes,” says Titan’s announcement, exclusively shared with Polygon, “including the Shocker, Echo, the Blood Spider, J. Jonah Jameson, Mary Jane Watson, and Wilson Fisk – the Kingpin.”

Written by author David Liss (The Ethical Assassin, Black Panther: The Man Without Fear), the book will reveal “Kingpin’s plan to gain an iron grip on New York City,” and establish character relationships and details that will be continued in the game.

Insomniac’s Spider-Man will also join Titan’s long line of game-based art books with Marvel’s Spider-Man: The Art of the Game, written by Paul Davies.

“Packed with never-before- seen images of Spider-Man, his costume and equipment, the Marvel version of his hometown New York, and the deadly villains he battles, fans will learn about every facet of the game, from the initial designs, blueprints, and the breathtaking final concepts,” says Titan’s announcement.

Spider-Man: Hostile Takeover will hit shelves on Aug. 21, 2018, just a few weeks before the release of the game itself on Playstation 4 on Sept. 7. Spider-Man: The Art of the Game will follow on Sept. 11.

Announcement cover of Spider-Man: Hostile Takeover.
Titan Books
Sales cover of Spider-Man: The Art of the Game.
Titan Books


"… some of Spidey’s most famous friends and foes including the Shocker, Echo, the Blood Spider, J. Jonah Jameson, Mary Jane Watson, and Wilson Fisk – the Kingpin."

I consider myself one of the biggest Spidey fans out there… Been reading Spider-Man since I was little. Got a massive collection of Spider-Man comics:

  • the first appearance of the Vulture signed by Romita & Stan the Man Lee
  • a #50 and #100 of Ultimate Spider-Man signed by Bendis
  • all the #1 issues of All-New Spider-Man and Ultimate Comics Spider-Man signed by Bendis
    (Just to name a few…)

And I legit have never heard of ‘The Blood Spider’. LOL. Interesting to put him on a ‘most famous’ list…

However, if this is any indication of the game, I like that they’re seriously leaning into this massive library of Spidey characters. I mean, the Arkham games used obscure villains like: Calendar Man, Kite Man, Starro The Conqueror, Victor Zsaszc, Killer Moth, and even Crazy Quilt… Maybe there’s still hope for Spidey villains like: Big Wheel, The Enforcers, Rocket Racer, The Looter, Mendel Stromm, and Spider Slayers.

Interesting, but I would’ve preferred the Novel to release a month earlier. I’m pretty sure the only way I can get my hands on this is by importing through Amazon.

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