Stardew Valley’s multiplayer mode is playable right now


Stardew Valley’s long-awaited multiplayer mode, along with new single-player features, is now available for testing. Steam users can now check out a beta version of the game’s latest update, available for Mac and Windows PC.

Included in the multiplayer beta is the ability to farm with up to four other players, who will work as your farmhands. Although that makes them sound like they’re subservient to whichever farmer is hosting the multiplayer session, all four players will collaborate on farming, mining and taking part in festivals together. They can even change the difficulty settings so that they can decide how they much they divide up the profit margins.

Visiting players will also be able to get married to the host town’s NPCs — as well as to each other. That includes divorcing each other, too; after that, a player can destroy the cabin each farmhand posts up in, really convincing them to move on out. (There are chat boxes with emoji and text so that players can communicate all of this to each other as well.)

A farm staffed with multiple farmhands.

While the focus of the beta is the heavily teased multiplayer mode, developed by publisher Chucklefish, lead designer Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone has thrown in several new single-player activities too. Horses can wear hats now, for one; there’s also a winter market festival that will run for three days and come with special items. Also in the winter are a series of secret items to find, and there are additional cutscenes throughout all of the game’s seasons.

Below are directions to get into the beta, provided by Chucklefish:

1. Log into your Steam account

In your Games Library, right click on Stardew Valley

Select Properties → Betas (see:

Enter the Beta access code “jumpingjunimos” and press Check Code

After this, select the beta branch option on the Beta selection drop down list above

If you have any problems with gaining access or experience any bugs, email us at

There’s no word yet on when the update, which brings Stardew Valley up to version 1.3, will be available to players on console as well. For now, PC farmers will have to spread the word on what it’s like to finally play Stardew alongside their friends.

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