NES Classic Edition back in stock in June

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As promised, Nintendo is bringing back the NES Classic Edition after a brief discontinuation period. The mini-console will be available at stores beginning June 29, the company announced on Twitter.

“This system and the SNES Classic Edition system are expected to be available through the end of the year,” said Nintendo in a tweet.

The NES Classic Edition will cost $59.99 upon its return, just as it did when it launched in November 2016. The list of games included on the console will also stay the same; among those are classics like Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong and Pac-Man.

Nintendo halted production of NES Classic Edition systems in April 2017, mere months after the highly coveted system went on sale — and quickly went out of stock, even after additional shipments hit stores. But Nintendo reversed course in September of last year, stating that it would re-release the NES Classic Edition in increased numbers the following summer.

Meanwhile, SNES Classic Edition has remained readily available since its launch in late September 2017. But now, collectors will be able to have the complete mini-console set on their hands.


Well that’s nice. Didn’t think they’d bring this one back to stock.

They better since the Switch won’t have a VC

My SNES and NES Classic are collecting so much dust.

Well, what are you waiting for? An RSVP? Go play!

Did you expect anything different? Many people have rose-tinted glasses but the majority if not all of those games are straight up bad to play in 2018.

SNES actually holds up surprisingly well, and the ability to "save" helps things a ton.

Well that’s a huge pile of nonsense right there.

There are some clunkers in the list. But there are also some absolute classics that are just as good now as they were on release. Mega Man 2 will never get tired. All three SMB games are evergreen. Dr. Mario is timeless, regardless of what version you play. Punch-Out looks and plays great.

Mileage may vary on some others, and a few are clearly just brief shots of nostalgia to be played for a few minutes and then set aside.

But that’s a recklessly wide brush you’re painting with.

While I agree with your general point, it’s also fair to say that few if any of those games have much replay value, and many are fairly short. I’d think few people would get much more than a couple months fun tops out of it and then what?

Setting aside the fact that I’ve played and replayed many of those games dozens of times since the 80s — ample evidence of their replay value — I guess I don’t feel that $60 for "a couple months of fun" is an unreasonable proposition.

I know right? Just look at those Jraphics..

Same. I like the objects and I’ve been playing some Street Fighter and Donkey Kong with my brother for old time’s sake but I have so many modern games to play already…
I’m thinking to sell them. $800 for the two in their original package seems like a fair price

(just kidding I never sell any stuff)

"My SNES and NES Classic are collecting so much dust."

Mine aren’t.

Just like all my Steam games that I’ve never even launched once. But that’s really a me issue, and not the NES Classic’s fault.

Hackchi 2 {cough cough}

Any word if it will be a new revision that implements the SNES Classic’s improved rendering/scaling?

What about separate controllers? Will they be available again too?

Meanwhile, SNES Classic Edition has remained readily available since its launch in late September 2017.

It has!?! I still can’t ever find it available anywhere.

Try using something like — its been in stock at Gamestop every three days since April 1, and almost daily since May 1. (Even back at launch, it was in stock every week.)

A couple of times, its been up at Amazon long enough for IGN to blast it out in their "deals of the day" email.

If you’re looking in physical stores, that’s why.

I’ve seen it in stock online all the time.

If you really want one, I suggest you follow Kinja Deals on twitter. They tweet out when some are available constantly.

The SNES classic edition isn’t readily available—I did manage to snag one through a bundle deal that Gamestop had, where I also had to pick up a third-party wireless controller (marked up). But I’ve yet to see either system in the wild.

I managed to get a NES classic on the first day, the pre-orders went live.

The SNES was much harder to get.
But on christmas last year, I finally managed to get one, when Toys’r’us had them available.

The one thing, I would love to be able to lay my hands on, however, is a second controller for the NES classic.

Of course, I ordered a second one together with the console – but Amazon (well, more likely Nintendo) canceled the order for that, a few days later.

Well, still better, than what some other people got – a controller, but no console.

I’m the exact opposite. I couldn’t find an NES Classic anywhere, no matter hard I tried.

Got an SNES Classic on release day.

Great, now I can add it to my collection. Next, bring us a mini N64!!

Next, bring us a mini N64

I’d say that it’s almost guaranteed… Will probably be revealed this year.

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