Venom is officially rated PG-13, despite R-rated expectations

Although many fans had been hoping for an R-rated Venom film, Sony’s official page for the upcoming Venom confirms that the movie is rated PG-13.

The managing editor of Fandango tweeted that the reason could be that Sony is still hoping Venom and Spider-Man might be able to square off at some point in the future — a scenario that would be more challenging, if not impossible, if Venom were released with an R rating.

Fans may point to the success of both Logan and the Deadpool franchise as evidence that R-rated superhero movies can be embraced by critics and bring in money at the box office. But those films’ producers were able to justify their ratings to 20th Century Fox with relatively small budgets for effects-heavy superhero movies, and stars that were willing to take less as a front-end payment for their work. And the filmmakers didn’t seem to be planning to link into the cinematic universes of their respective characters in any meaningful way.

Whatever the reason for Venom’s rating, plenty of films were able to pull off appropriately dark tones without going all the way to an R rating, including The Dark Knight. And there’s always the possibility of unrated and re-edited digital releases if enough harder-edged content is left on the cutting room floor.

Venom will be released on Oct. 5, a couple of months before Sony’s next big superhero movie, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.


Let’s be honest…

This movie was NEVER going to be on the same quality level as actual Marvel movies, but had it been rated-R it could have at least been some nice B-movie grade violent schlocky goodness.

They just defanged the snake. It’s now just a boring ass belt.

such a golden opportunity. they could have done SO much with venom.

Expectations for this one were low as it was, I was kind of expecting it to be PG-13 anyway

Booo. Cowards!

now. let’s talk about the R-Rated cut….

For these movies, that usually just means a lot of extra cursing, which is the most boring way to do things.

I honestly never expected it to be R-rated. It’s from the Spiderverse. Kids still love watching Spiderman.

Exactly; its not like the Venom comics have ever had those "for mature audiences" labels Marvel dallied with, that I recall

Who cares what rating it’s been given? All that matters is that it’s a good movie! There have been very successful franchises that exist with a PG-13 rating: The Dark Knight, The Jason Bourne films, The Taken trilogy, Pirates of the Caribbean series, etc, and all of those have had dark/action elements.

What’s the point of all those teeth if he won’t just take a huge bite out of someone’s arm and feast on their flesh?

Depending on how graphic the bite is, this can still totes happen!

Yeah, PG-13 has some pretty ridiculous leeway for violence. But more than one "Fuck" and it’s all suddenly "someone think of the children!"

And yet both Marvel and DC have successfully shown people being shot, burned alive, decapitated, and stabbed all within a PG-13 rating. Personally I would have liked for them to have embraced the darker edge and only tone it down should Spider-Man ever appear in the movies, but when all is said and done, all that matters is that it’s a good movie.

So Deadpool would’ve been just as good if it was rated PG-13?


Boooooooo. Goddammit they don’t make movies for me anymore (30 years old).

This movie is now a turd in the wind.

Last I checked you can make an R rated movie and the next one with that character isn’t an R rated movie….

Why can’t they just admit they want as many people to be able to go to it cause they want more money.

That’s why people make movies homie. For money.

that’s blasphemous, they should do it for free. i should get everything for free.

that’s why corporations make movies, yes. people make movies without intending to get rich all the time.

yeah but who the hell watches those

Why can’t they just admit they want as many people to be able to go to it cause they want more money.

It’s not even a great argument these days. People went to see Deadpool. The second one made over 700 million dollars.

I’m actually all for this. I love blood and gore as much as the next American but now maybe we can get a crossover where spidey and Venom have to form an uneasy alliance to hunt a rampaging Carnage. That’s the movie i want to see.


i always thought jim carey would be a great carnage

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