PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds tests out ‘PUBG Lite’ for low-powered computers

PUBG Corporation/Microsoft

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is testing out a slimmed-down version of the game that will still perform on PCs that don’t have hardware meeting the main game’s minimum or recommended specifications. PUBG Lite, as it is called, is being tested out in Thailand for now.

PUBG Corp. announced the beta test this week, saying PUBG Lite is for “players in areas where the core game’s required specifications are more difficult to achieve due to the hardware available.” So it may not come to this region.

PUBG Lite has a dedicated development team, and this version of the game will get exclusive content and quality of life features, PUBG Corp. wrote. For now, the game is offering solo, duo and squad battles in third-person mode, on Erangel, the game’s first map.

The specs:


Regular PUBG’s specs, per Steam, require double the RAM (8 GB minimum/16 GB recommended) An Nvidia GeForce GTX 960 2 GB or AMD Radeon R7 370 2GB (minimum); GeForce GTX 1060 3GB or Radeon RX 580 4GB recommended, and 30 GB of hard drive space.

The move makes sense given Asia’s importance to PUBG’s overall player base. China is the game’s largest constituency, and it’s also very popular in India. Tencent, the Chinese mega-publisher, holds a 10 percent stake in Bluehole, PUBG’s global publishing company.


Their time would probably be better spent in scrapping PUBG and investing their millions on a from the ground up sequel and making it F2P.

The game looks and plays pretty poorly even on an Xbox One X. I can’t imagine what a version made to run on slower PC’s would look like.

couldn’t agree more

waited so long for the PS4 release
and it’s terrible!

unbelievably unintuitive UI
rubbish controls and movement
graphics look like a game from 15 years ago.

they’ve done everything apart from improve the actual game, it seems

Their time would probably be better spent in scrapping PUBG and investing their millions on a from the ground up sequel and making it F2P.

According to The Verge article this title is free. Not to mention, there’s no real opportunity to not support the current title. If they are rebuilding the game from the ground up for lower spec machines, there’s nothing stopping it from being the new version. It’s easier to scale up the quality than down.

PUBG has never had its priorities straight and that’s why it was easy for Fortnite to overshadow it. Whatever your opinion of Fortnite is, it can’t be denied that it is polished and issues are often quickly fixed. PUBG is poorly optimized and buggy which doesn’t seem to have changed.
The argument that Fortnite comes from a larger company is absolute BS since PUBG has made millions. If they can afford a dedicated team for this then they can afford to fix the game’s issues.
Maybe if they focused less on life-accurate bullet drop and more on making sure buildings appeared for everyone then Fortnite wouldn’t have so easily beaten them.

It’s not BS. But it isn’t just that it is a bigger company: it is a better company. Bluehole isn’t a very good game developer. The games they made before PUBG were of mediocre quality, and PUBG is likewise not particularly well made. Hiring a bigger team doesn’t improve the way they make games, nor does it suddenly give the entire team a strong way of working together to make things work better. These are very hard things, especially with a game that’s already live and popular. Epic, meanwhile is a very good developer. AND they’re big. They have a ton of people that know how to work together to make quality games, and they have some of the best people in the industry. Not everything they make is amazing, but it IS all of very high quality.

It’s honestly annoying to me. I don’t find fortnite enjoyable, and love the gameplay of PUB, but Fortnite is just such a better-made game.

Sounds cheaper then. Less people, more quality project managers.

That’s all true. Also EPIC is in a unique position in that they already have decades of experience with Unreal Engine. Literally no other team out there has comprable experience with this engine. Thus EPIC will always be more efficient at optimizing games using Unreal Engine. (To be clear, there are plenty of other teams that are better than Bluehole at using the engine, even if still less efficient than EPIC.)

Bluehole does look really badly managed. Even if Bluehole were well managed, it would still take years to replace the company culture if that’s possible at all. Inserting new talented developers into a low quality culture team doesn’t immediately start changing the team towards the better. All the processes in place and peer pressure will want to go towards the status quo, which leads to low quality. Most talented developers aren’t also talented office politicians. However you need talented office politicans who are interested in high quality to start the slow process of changing company culture.

Thus I think this dedicated team PUBG Lite plan is actually really interesting if it’s a freshly formed team. It’s much easier to build good culture with a smaller team and then add new people to it slowly as the culture is already in place. If they succeed and prove themselves with the lite version, then they can later also work on optimizing the main PUBG. However all of this will take years and most gamers aren’t that patient, especially when there are games like Fortnite around.

Just port PUBG mobile over. That version is fine and would run on anything. I wonder if that’s basically what this is.

It is the mobile version.

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