Overwatch 2 artwork leaks through Blizzard store

Blizzard Entertainment

Days before Blizzard’s annual fan convention, BlizzCon, is slated to begin, a new image of what appears to be Overwatch 2 has appeared online. Overwatch 2 is expected to introduce a player-vs-environment experience, as well as a new game modes, maps, and heroes, according to an ESPN report.

ESPN originally reported that Echo, an omnic character revealed at last year’s BlizzCon, would be the game’s next hero — but the story was later updated to remove mention of Echo. Esports insider Rod Breslau wrote on Twitter said it’s “likely untrue” that Echo will be announced at BlizzCon as the 32nd hero.

Echo is, however, featured in a new image that was found on the Blizzard Gear website today. Spotted by folks on the MMO Champion forum and first reported by Wowhead, the image shows Reinhardt, Mei, Genji, Tracer, Mercy, Brigitte, Winston, and Echo charging into battle. You won’t find the artwork displayed on the Blizzard Gear store, but it is clearly hosted by Blizzard and hidden from the store — perhaps to go live when Overwatch 2 is announced.

Blizzard Entertainment

It’s unclear what role Echo will play in the Overwatch universe, but it’s clear that she’ll be important in the franchise’s ongoing story — she’s been seen in early concept art since before the game’s release. Echo was finally released from the Route 66 payload last year; game director Jeff Kaplan said she’s an important character with a big role in the Overwatch universe.

A few Overwatch characters also look a bit different in the image leaked from the Blizzard Gear store — namely, Tracer, Mei, and Genji. No change is drastic; each hero is still easily recognizable as themselves. But it’s clear that Tracer’s wearing new pants; usually her pants fade from yellow to orange, and these are all primarily orange. As for Mei, her jacket design has a bit less fur trim, and her hair’s different, too. As for Genji, he looks like he’s wearing clothes over his cybernetic suit: a hoodie and pants. Genji’s nakey no longer!

Of course, all of this could be liberties taken by the artist — it doesn’t necessarily reflect changes to character design for Overwatch 2. But it could, and we’ll likely know more after the weekend.

BlizzCon 2019 will run from Nov. 1 to 2 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California.


This sounds very good. Overwatch has become too difficult to jump back in after taking a couple of years off so looking forward to beating up on kids/newbs again to make myself feel good about my gaming ability.

How is this going to make it easier to jump back into??

Also, I don’t understand why you feel like it is. Just play the heroes you know and, once you’ve shaken off the rust, give the new ones a try.

…because other non-hardcore players will jump back in…

You know there are bronze players you can always join.

Aw man, Genji’s pantlessness was core to his character!

Metal Gear games always have the best man-ass.

This is the kind of addition that really makes you reflect on the design itself.

He’s wearing clothes over his robot body… so that means just being in his robot body actually is him naked. You don’t put on pants over OTHER pants!

I have zero interest in anything overwatch unless Blizz formally apologizes in a way that shows they understand how exactly they screwed up, and what they’re doing to change.

Team Hong Kong raised enough money to attend the Overwatch World Cup so they’ll be right there in the room, FFS

Oh yeah, love that Internet Tough talk… you’ll buy this day one like everyone else who hides behind a username.

Nobody’s looking… speaking of nobody’s looking… complete checkout? click Thank you for shopping with Blizzard.

I’m sorry that you don’t seem to be in a place in your life where it feels possible that people can and do stand up for what they believe in.

Uninformed internet people: if you don’t like something, there’s no reason to protest, just don’t buy it! Vote with your wallet!

The literal same people: look I know they did a bad thing but I’ll just give them my money anyway because I love corporations supporting regimes that are committing crimes against humanity

Tracer’s wearing new pants; usually her pants fade from yellow to orange, and these are all primarily orange

The kind of insight I expect from my videogame coverage

To hell with Blizzard and all, but I wonder if they’ll ruin the game (again) by focusing on balancing for the comp/e-sports crowd at the expense of everyone else.

I love Overwatch and am absolutely thrilled about all this Overwatch 2 news.

I’m just hoping it isn’t an entirely new game like destiny 2, I want my OW1 items to either roll over or for OW2 to be just an expansion or continuation of overwatch 1 (like fortnite season 2)

I’m totally down with either one. Honestly part of me is hoping it’s a new game altogether. With reworks of many characters alongside new characters. New items, too. Starting over is fun to me. But I get that some people might be bummed with that.

the problem I have is it isn’t like it’s Over Powered weapons or unfair advantages for new players it’s just cosmetics. there’s no reason to wipe the slate clean if it doesn’t effect gameplay (I’m fine with them adding new cosmetics and game modes that can only be earned with the new expansion I just don’t want them to force me to re-earn cosmetics I already acquired.)

Does anyone else feel like these leaks are intentional attempts to change the conversation around Blizzard right before Blizzcon? It seems weird how basically the entirety of Blizzcon has been leaked beforehand.

It definitely is suspicious. I never really paid attention to BlizzCon so I’m not sure how common leaks are for it but it seems like they ramped up the leaks when a few tiny ones weren’t really pulling coverage away from the Hong Kong situation. Now all I see are articles about OW2 and nothing about them banning people. Seems it worked for them.

Feels like more than usual for sure. I would not be surprised if they’re trying to shift the focus away. And as much as I love the sound of PvE stuff or whatever and would love to get back in to OW it’s gonna be hard to put money towards a Blizz product ever again.

I think it is blatantly obvious all these "leaks" are simply a marketing strategy. Smartphones have been using this "leaks" marketing strategy for the past decade to hype up their phones.

BlizzCon leaks wise, they are typically very tight lip about what they will announced. Diablo 3, WoW expansions, Starcraft 2 expansions, even Hero of the Storm, these were all examples of games that fans keep rumoring about it every year, but there were barely any leaks of any of these games until it was announced.

Maybe the next Overwatch character will be named "Freedom"? Although, now that I think about it, perhaps "Money Trumps Freedom" would be a better name.

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