The Dragon Prince returns with season 3 this November


After a long wait, The Dragon Prince will return on Nov. 22. Co-creators Aaron Ehasz and Justin Richmond announced the date in a panel at New York Comic Con.

The second season of the Netflix animated show aired last February. In addition to officially introducing hot mirror elf Aaravos, season 2 delved into the history of the world and forced the main characters to make some tough decisions. With the main cast split up — Ezran heading back to Katolis to assume the throne, Rayla and Callum headed deep into Xadia, and Soren and Claudia dealing with the consequences of dark magic — the stakes for the third season are high.

When asked for a one-word description of every character’s arc in the upcoming season, Ehasz and Richmond told Polygon that Callum’s storyline would be “potential” (also “magic!”). Ezran, meanwhile, will deal with “sacrifice,” and Rayla with “consequence.”

On the flip side, Claudia’s arc boils down to “family,” and her brother Soren’s is “tested.” Bait, the glow toad, meanwhile, is simply “grumpy.”

Check out the full poster for the upcoming season below:



After a long wait, The Dragon Prince will return on Nov. 22.

You must be joking — we’re getting three seasons in the span of 14 months. Their pace of production is a feat worth admiring.

I logged in to say the exact same thing. People are so damned impatient nowadays, everything is "a long wait", when in reality no amount of content has ever been produced so quickly.

It’s long compared to the wait between season 1 and 2. That gap was only like 4 months. This gap has been 8 or 9.

The first two seasons were quite short, though. In terms of episode count, Seasons 1 & 2 combined are slightly shorter than Season 1 of Avatar: The Last Airbender.

It’s perfectly fine what was said in the context of Netflix production schedules. Voltron had 8 seasons, 78 episodes in a 2 1/2 year span. At worst, its not an apples-to-apples comparison, but the precedent is set.

Or ya know we can ignore any evidence to the contrary and just be pedantic about it.

I’m still waiting for physical releases for 1 and 2.


after voltron im holding back on physical copies of shows i like just in case they end up disappointing the shit out of me

Boy do I know that feel.

I never got round to finishing season 1 because the janky animation put off my flatmate, how’s it held up so far?

Worth jumping back in?

Definitely, world building and character development is really strong in season 2.

I’d say it’s worth jumping back in—the world keeps getting deeper and more interesting, and they did improve the animation for S2 and beyond (framerate’s a bit higher). I never quite adapted to it for S1 but soldiered on, whereas with S2 I eventually adapted and stopped noticing the jankiness.

The jankiness isn’t really their in Season 2. But yeah 1 & 2 are worth it. It’s really the best elements of both ATLA and Korra.

after the criticism season 1 received the studio went back and tightened things up. to put it simlply: they were going for the show looking like it was on 2’s (like spider-verse) but often ended up going on 4’s, 6’s, or 8’s — sometimes all in the same shot

the style is more consistent now, so the only people who will still complain are the kind of people who thought the "fps" in spider-verse was "low"

Even more than the janky animation, I was disappointed by the characters seeming rather shallow and cliched in Season 1.

I’m glad I stuck with the show, though, because everything got more compelling and beautiful in Season 2.

The show is absolutely worth watching.

This show looked fairly interesting, until I watched the trailer for season 1 and was amazed to find that zoetropes are still being used in modern animation. Brave choice.

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