Final Fantasy 7 Remake will have a turn-based ‘Classic Mode’ that plays like the original

Square Enix
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Final Fantasy 7 Remake will have a “classic” gameplay option for players who prefer their role-playing games turn-based, just as the original Final Fantasy 7 was back in 1997. At Tokyo Game Show on Saturday, producer Yoshinori Kitase confirmed that the remake of the classic JRPG — which updates the game to be an action-RPG — will offer an optional turn-based battle mode where players can select attacks and other moves from a menu interface.

According to a translated recap of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake TGS stage show from the game’s official Twitter account, Classic Mode will recreate the same style of turn-based gameplay from the original. While the standard mode of play will automatically fill the player’s ATB Gauge as they attack enemies, “in Classic Mode this aspect of gameplay is handled automatically. The player does not need to do anything and the character fights automatically, charging up their ATB Gauge.”

Players who opt for Classic Mode won’t have to “worry about the action side of the combat system,” Square Enix said, “and can instead focus on selecting commands, making it possible to play [Final Fantasy 7 Remake] as if it were a classic menu-based RPG.”

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is coming to PlayStation 4 on March 3, 2020.


So now I have to play it twice.

Hopefully it’s a toggle in the options somewhere. Because having classic mode would be a god send for when you don’t want to have to pay attention and deal with low level mobs. Almost every RPG has an auto mode for that very reason.

Hell, Breath of Fire had it.

As long as it’s not as stupid and dysfunctional as the "strategic" mode in FFXV, I’ll probably prefer it.

I hated that. I love FFXV, but having an entire skill tree based on something optional, and only being able to scan specific enemies when using it, was stupid. Otherwise Ignis will scan whatever he wants.

And you needed to hang somewhere to recharge MP or whatever it was called, but in strategic mode, the game paused while hanging, so recharging didn’t work … obviously not tested their mode in a single battle.

Shut up and take my money.

This IS news!

Will the characters be forced into an alternate battlefield or will they run around on their own in the game environment to attack after you select that option? In that case what about the updated boss fights that let you take advantage of environmental cover to hide from gun fire? How does that translate to turn based combat?

Same battlefield. They already have 2/3 characters controlled by AI, so classic mode will be 3/3 characters controlled by AI. So not really the same as 1997, but very similar mechanically.

So you still see all their Auto-Attacks and movement options on screen, but the meaningful choices of bigger attacks, magic and items still falls to the player. You already see the AI dodge big gimmick attacks in the demos already so that will be handled as well.

So no, you and the enemy won’t stand still and stare at each other while timers fill. But if that is the part that people absolutely must have then I guess they wouldn’t get the remake anyways

Honestly, from what I’ve seen, that classic mode isn’t all that similar to the classic mode. What a waste.

I so want this to end up good. This only makes me a little more hopeful.

It seems to me that they really are trying to make everyone happy with this game and I give them kudos for it.

The purists still won’t care and the ones who imagined a completely different game will still hate.

I just look at this as a completely different game with inspirations taken from 7, which is what it is. Hence remake.

I’m okay with a new take on things, so long as it’s fun. But Squarenix also tricked me into buying Crisis Core. They gotta earn my trust back.

What? Crisis Core was great. It was a completely different game, but if you were expecting something similar, you must not have looked at any previews.

It introduced me to a fate worse than card-based combat: slot-based combat. I also found the writing disappointing; Zack deserved better.

Yeah but like, FFXV was garbage for it’s turn base model.

I really want to hate this game and feel cynical about it all, but they just keep being a little better than I’d expect and making specific choices I agree with.

I’m pretty sure I still don’t want them to remake this game, but everything they do with it is bringing it firmly in the realm of ‘well if it has to, they’re doing it right’.

"I really want to hate this game and feel cynical about it all"

Gamers in a nutshell.


Ugh, yep. Could the thought process here be as foolish as feeling the need to take a calculated chance on judging software before its release with the idea that everything is either mind-blowingly spectacular, or it’s beneath contempt, and people just never want to come out wrong in their own minds?

My mindset on this one is basically that the Square-Enix of today isn’t really capable of making Final Fantasy VII in a way that’s actually faithful to what makes VII good. VII is rough, weird and edgy, a product of the mid-90s in as many ways as possible. A lot of the stuff about the game and especially its plot that works is stuff that Square have generally not done well at in recent years (i.e. most of the party being pretty terrible and unimpressive people, underexplaining things rather than overexplaining things), and there’s a bunch that flew better at the time than they would now—the fact you’re basically playing terrorists is a huge one, I don’t think you could swing that sort of story if you came out with it fresh now, but also the weirdly high amount of minigames while these days the intention is to be a lot more focused.

There’s also a lot of technical elements that I think really work in the original VII’s favor, because early 3D graphics were super weird and it was hard to get a full grasp of what was going on. In VII’s case that really heightened a bunch of the Sephiroth and Jenova stuff especially, the fact that the presentation wasn’t clear and the story was a little jank means that you were filling in a lot yourself, which gave the game a very abstract vibe that I think is key to making it work.

Even putting aside that most post-VII stuff mischaracterizes the VII cast (I think the remake is doing this well, but it’s hard to tell right now), I still don’t think an FFVII remake is a good idea because it’s so heavily a product of its time, of both where Squaresoft was and where 1996 was, and a remake done by them in 2019 just can’t capture it. But begrudgingly, I have to admit that every choice I’ve seen them make (except for that new SOLDIER character) is exactly the right one they could be making in my book.

You can already conceive they are going to bulk up the Midgar storylines where they are building massive set pieces and assets, and thin out the world content like Kalm, Fort Condor, Corel, Snow Town etc. You can see them making a game of "snapshots" that take key moments and places from the original and build in the entire story from there.

And as you’ve said, 90’s JRPGs are weird and rough around the edges, but that’s where the magic was. What made Final Fantasy VII so special was all this assortment of locations and secrets that can only exist in an era of oversized spikey haired heros running on a world map transitioning into pre-rendered towns, which could again transition into a battle system or a CGI moment. These games were defined by these different systems that provided an illusion of scale that is impossible to recreate in an era of HD graphics, asset streaming and gigs upon gigs of voicework.

Unless you are to legitimately recreate the entire framework of a 90’s JRPG, you’ll never capture FFVII in the way I loved it. If anything, it might just convince me once and for all that these stories were never any good when put in a different context.

I really want to hate this game and feel cynical about it all

You sound fun.

This is a positive step. Ive now went from "no interest" to "mildly intrigued". Hope they keep adding things.

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