Starting today, you can sign up for Fallout 76: Wastelanders’ beta

Bethesda Game Studios/Bethesda Softworks

Fallout 76’s new Wastelanders update is nearly here — or the beta is at least. On Bethesda’s website, players can now create a Bethesda account and register for the Wastelanders Private Test Server. Players have until Tuesday, Jan. 14 at 6 p.m. ET to apply.

To sign up for the Wastelanders beta, you need to create a Bethesda account. Then you need to hit the register button on the registration site. Note the company requires you to sign up for marketing emails before you can register properly.

Once your preferences are correct, you’ll get a notification that you’re signed up. This doesn’t mean you’re in. You’ll need to watch your email’s inbox for an official invite — which isn’t guaranteed. Bethesda is currently only looking for a few hundred people. If you get selected, you’ll also need to sign a non-disclosure agreement, and won’t be able to stream or talk about the game publicly.

The Wastelanders expansion helps turn Fallout 76 into a more traditional Fallout experience. The update adds human NPC characters that can offer new missions for you to go on, and offer rewards. And if you just feel like chatting, NPCs can do that as well with new dialogue trees.

This new Private Test Server update comes a few months after Bethesda delayed the expansion into the first quarter of 2020. Wastelanders is free for all 76 players, and seems designed for those who felt burned after purchasing 76 in late 2018. The expansion was originally announced at E3 2019.

We currently have no release date for when the full version of Wastelanders will be released to all players.


Is anyone still playing this mess?

Lot of nontraditional gamers do, a few "dads" at work got it day one and are still playing. They don’t know anything about the scandal of how bad this game is because they never read gaming media. In a way I envy them.

Chances are if they did know about the bad press they would play anyway. I would certainly never stop playing something I enjoy because it’s unpopular on the internet. That’s the power of experiencing something instead of experiencing someone else’s experience of something.

I played it quite a bit on my Xbox, It was still quite fun at times. I usually had stuff to do, even though I wasnt powerful enough to go help with killing the queen. I sold my Xbox, and switched over to PC, and honestly I dont feel like buying the game again, and having to gather up everything all over again. if it was a play anywhere game, and I could bring my saves over like I can with other xbox games I would be playing it again.

Going to have to make a few corrections for this article. The beta sign-up didn’t start today (the 13th, publication date of this article) but last Friday the 10th, when the Bethesda article was published.

Also, nobody needs to prepare their inbox for lots of emails. You check the box, sign up, and when the beta starts in a few days you can uncheck the box. Chances are you’re not going to receive any promotional emails in that time.

I wish these type of betas really did something, but from everything I have read they don’t do anything the majority of the time outside of being a PR stunt demonstrating what they are working on. Q&A normally will have at the very least the majority of the bugs that are documented by players already known, but there is something in the background preventing them from being fixed before launch.

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