The Xbox Series X seems to have a disc drive problem

Image: Microsoft

It’s console launch week, which means that many fans are now opening and starting up their new hardware. While for the most part the Xbox Series X debut seems to be going well (now that Xbox Live is back online), some fans are reporting issues with their disc drives.

Videos floating around on the internet show the Xbox Series X whirring loudly or making strange clicking sounds after accepting a disc, like so:

That’s if the console accepts the game at all — some videos show the Xbox Series X having trouble with game insertion, as you can see in the videos below.

Some players report that things improve if they try putting their consoles horizontally or vertically. One thread on Reddit has players saying they’re brute-forcing their games into the console. Others, meanwhile, say that they only hear loud sounds from the Xbox Series X while installing games, though nothing on the level of the videos above.

Microsoft did not return a request for comment in time for press. Folks at Polygon who got the console early for review have also not experienced problems like these. For now, it seems like if you happen to be experiencing this problem, the best thing you can do is try and get into contact with Xbox Support services — though the official “known issues” page doesn’t currently include anything about disc drives.

Update: Microsoft hasn’t acknowledged the disc issue specifically, but is encouraging users to check out their devices and troubleshoot problems via the official page.


Here comes the wave of problem posts. I keep seeing something about PS5 drives failing too. I’m sure all this is pretty isolated, tho I still haven’t tried the disc drive on my XSX yet

There are always issues, my launch PS4 had a broken disc tray which kept ejecting shit. Send it back I got new one in a week.

" I keep seeing something about PS5 drives failing too"

But it isn’t out yet?

Only reason I am aware of it is because it popped up as PS5 news on my news feed (google news)


ACG and Gerstmann are describing something very different (and potentially worse) than defective disc drives. That looks like games crashing in rest mode and wreaking havoc on the SSDs. The only upside to that is that it could be prevented with a patch, but I’m not sure what the solution would be if you’re already affected by it.

"Quick" resume.

That’s Xbox’s feature. If you read Gerstmann’s tweet, he specifically said it happened during rest mode.

My PS4’s disc drive has been dead since 2015, only 2 years into it’s life. Debating whether or not waiting for the second-wave of console shipments is a smarter decision, assuming that they fix it in that wave

It just might be… not to mention you don’t get the inevitable network outages and frustrating update issues while they iron out the software kinks. MK11 just downloaded every DLC character as an "update", and now none of them are playable. All kinds of whacky going on.

I think if you’re debating on delaying then you aren’t desperate on having it now so waiting is the smarter call. More fixes, more games, potential discounts, price drop over-time.

There’s always going to be hardware failure, it’s just how mass production works. Let’s hope it’s not widespread on either consoles.

Sucks for those that need or prefer a Series X disc drive for whatever reason. I wish a Series X came with an option to exclude the disc drive altogether. I hate paying for features like that in which I’ll never use it & it’s not environment-friendly or design-space-friendly (all the wasted plastic needed for cases & spacing needed to store cases you’ll eventually never touch)

That said, I’m not surprised this can be a possible problem. Disc drives are one of the most faulty components you can add to hardware.

Disc drives are one of the most faulty components you can add to hardware.

The disc drive has always been the thing that fails on me in every console I’ve owned since I got a PS1 which stopped reading discs eventually. My PS2 disc drive broke, my 360’s disc drive just stopped opening, and now my Xbox One will accept a disc but refuses to read them. Granted, this has manifested itself a lot later in their life cycles, I’m talking years of use, but they do eventually fail and it’s always frustrating.

I think the only one that has ever not failed has been my original Xbox. Got it in 2002 and it still works like the day I bought it. That thing is a tank that will outlast me and I will bequeath it as a family heirloom in my will.

I have never owned a Playstation or Xbox but I had three broken disc drives on Bluray players. First one broke after a year. It started to make horrible rattling noises only with certain Blurays while others and all DVDs worked fine. Then got progressively worse until it wouldn’t read any Blurays while DVDs still worked fine. Brought it back to the store, they sent it in for repairs and I got it back after six weeks! Half a year later it started to develop the same issue again.

Bought a new, considerably more expensive player only for it do have the same problem shortly after the warranty expired. Now I have the cheapest 4K player I could find from another brand and so far it hasn’t broken down on me, yet

Oh, and I almost forgot: The PC Bluray drive I bought in 2009 because I thought it would be the future of PC gaming was horrible, too.

I always had that problem with CD players, and eventually just broke down and bought a much more expensive one.

Never had a problem with PC disc drives though, although I also never had a Bluray drive on a PC.

The PC drive never broke, but it took ages to recognize a disc. With DVDs the DVD burner I also had was considerably faster both at loading the disc and when copying data.

Also watching Blurays on PC was a very bad experience. The drive came with a basic version of PowerDVD (which despite the name also plays Blurays). It constantly demanded that I install the newest version (which was a 100 MB download every time and my internet connection was pretty slow back then), to "ensure compatibility with new discs" even if the disc I wanted to play worked perfectly fine a week before. When I upgraded to Windows 10 it flat out refused to install. Because buying the newest version cost as much as a cheap hardware player, I searched for free players and only found one. It required a constant internet connection to aquire the keys for the copy protection and didn’t even support menus.

That might be the difference—I’ve never tried a bluray on PC, only CDs and some DVDs. Have you tried VLC player? I think you need to install something else like AnyDVD to decrypt the disc first, and I don’t know how well that works with VLC (it looks like some people say it’s not too bad but I haven’t tried it myself), but it might be worth checking out.

On my Xbox one, I found out that movies only worked if I let the drive grab the disc, but hold it back and fight with it for a second before letting go. Works every time. If I just put it in like normal, it would never recognize the disc.

Just set up my Series X, and it seems to work correctly….for now.

The discs will read, but only if you put up a little fight and work for it first?

Sounds like your xbox one is fine, it just has an attitude problem.

Turn your PS1 upside down and it’ll work.

No, really. It’s a thing. The laser comes unseated and when flipped upside down it lets gravity put it back where it belongs.

Ahh… memories.

This, I don’t need a disc drive anymore, like with cars, the more options, the more shit breaks, especially electronics

So much this, I’m all for physical media and owning stuff, but the sooner we get away from discs the better. I got a switch with a large memory card and no physical games and I’m happy with that, but we gotta move away from discs.

I seriously wish we got that digital only version last gen. Every time I think about it, I just imagine what other innovations might be further along if we embraced this a decade ago.

No innovations would be further along. The digital concept is actually something for the companies not the consumers to benefit off of. Not actually owning something when you actually purchase it is renting so the only thing that would have happened is prices would have skyrocketed because there is only one way for you to get the item and the companies would be in complete control of that unlike now you can buy on sale or borrow or buy used. Those right there make the companies have to compete to get you to want to buy it. No competition and only one way to purchase or play means they can do whatever and your screwed.

I think all consoles moving forward should be "digital" versions but allow the use of an external disc drive via usb 3.x

How great would it be if you had that flexibility and if the disc drive breaks, well just replace that instead of having to replace the whole system.

Would be nice, but external bdxl drives are well north of $100, we all know how popular the hd-dvd drive for the xbox was.

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