Atari revives Missile Command with ‘modern take’ for mobile

Image: Atari

Atari is reviving Missile Command with a new game that the company calls “a modern take” on the arcade classic for mobile devices. The launch of the game, called Missile Command: Recharged, coincides with this year’s 40th anniversary of the 1980 original.

Missile Command: Recharged maintains the same perspective of the original game, in which missile silos battle incoming rockets to protect civilian structures. Recharged uses a neon-colored visual design, a la classic arcade game re-imaginings like Pac Man Championship Edition and Space Invaders Extreme. Gameplay has been remixed, with power-ups, an upgrade system, and an augmented reality mode that projects gameplay onto a “virtual arcade cabinet.”

Here’s a peek at Missile Command: Recharged in action:

Missile Command: Recharged is slated for release sometime this spring for iOS (iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch) and Android devices. Atari says Missile Command: Recharged will be free to download with ads, and players can make a one-time purchase to play the game unobstructed and ad-free.

It’ll be a busy year for Atari, which is also planning to launch a new console, the crowdfunded Atari VCS, and break ground on a new line of Atari-themed hotels in 2020.


That looks like every other minimalist neon-soaked mobile game of the last decade. It looks like slow Geometry Wars.

Would have been way cooler had they used a more striking art style like the one in the header image.

yes i came because of the header Art, which may be the most Atari thing of all.

Geometry Wars was my first thought, too. Or even the trippier Llamasoft games (which I’m sure Geometry Wars was partially inspired by).

Lol yep.. saw the header image and was like "ok that looks dope" and then the gameplay footage and was like yawn

Yeah neon graphics are done for. Gameplay of Missile Command can’t be compared to Geometry Wars, completely different games, though I doubt they’ve brought enough to the genre to make it a must try.
Interesting comments regarding the header art, I highly recommend the book "Art of Atari". I don’t think that image compares very favourably with the original classic illustrations. That book has numerous amazing artworks (Invest in the companion poster book for a real treat) and details some of the clever artistic techniques used in their creation. 10/10.

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