The original Crysis is getting remastered

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The original Crysis is coming to modern platforms — Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Xbox One — in remastered form. Details of the re-release known as Crysis Remastered leaked on Thursday via the game’s official website, and were later confirmed by Crytek.

Crysis Remastered will bring new graphic features, high-quality textures, and ray tracing to the original game, according to details from the official site. A release date was not revealed. Original publisher Electronic Arts does not appear to be involved in the re-release. We’ve reached out to Crytek representatives for more details.

Crysis was developed by Crytek and first released on Windows PC in 2007, and was ported to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in 2011. The first Crysis was infamous for its hardware system requirements; running the CryEngine-powered game at maximum settings and resolution on PC demanded serious computational power, leading players to jokingly ask “But can it run Crysis?” of new advancements in computer hardware.

The original Crysis told the near-future sci-fi story of Delta Force soldier Jake “Nomad” Dunn who, armed with a super-powered nanosuit, battled North Korean and extraterrestrial threats. The events of the game are set during August 2020.

Update (2 p.m. ET): This story has been updated with confirmation from Crytek.

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The original Crysis was the best part because of the sandbox of tactics you could try. The graphics also were amazing for the time of course.

I’m not sure if parts of it still hold up today (not talking graphics).

I’m going to optimistically venture that it will!

Like you said, the window dressing was unreal for the time, but what was great about the game, was the sandbox. The way you could interact with the physics of the world around you was incredible.

I still remember I moment where I cleared and enemy base by heaving an explosive barrel from a cliff hundreds of yards above it. It detonated some of their vehicles which then collapsed one of the buildings onto the heads of some of the soldiers. It was so dope.

The game up until the third act still holds up very very well.

This is cool, but I would have preferred a new Crysis instead. But while I preferred the mechanics of the second game, I’m definitely interested to see what they do with this remaster.

More then likely they’ll use the suit mechanics from the second game and stick it to this one. Hopefully, since it’s the same suit power, just it’s 2000% times more manageable and seamless in 2.

Glad I just got a new video card! I wonder if this will be as graphically intensive as it’s predecessor? 2007 Crysis forced me to upgrade as my PC could not handle it in any kind of way. Once I had it running nice (on med high settings) I was treated to a feast for the eyes and a sandbox game that made every objective an exercise in super-soldier planning and execution, They f’d it all up with Crysis 2 and 3 because they had to nerf the graphics and make it work with a controller. I hope they keep the mechanics exactly how they were in the original, but I doubt they will.

I would not be surprised to learn that even a 2080ti cannot run Crysis on ultra.

iirc the reason Crysis was so intensive was because it was running on a single thread. It might be easier to do now

I think that’s probably true. I dipped into the game a few years back, for the sake of nostalgia. I gotta say, it runs smoothly on Ultra on modern systems, and it looks pretty damn good, not sure a remaster is even necessary… I think Crysis needs money and this is easier than creating a new game from the ground up.

You’re probably right, but it’s just (personally) entertaining to hold onto my unfounded belief that a computer that can max out Crysis has yet to be designed or built. Nor has the computer that can design the computer that can run Crysis on max.

Wait, Crytek? Aren’t they almost bankrupt, having lost court cases and sold a lot of their IP off? Aren’t they embroiled in legal fiascos with the makers of Star Citizen (which is, as of 2020 still not done)? Do they even have the resources to do this?

Well, best of luck to them. But I won’t be surprised if we hear nothing about this and in 2 years time the company folds entirely. I don’t want that to happen…. I just get the feeling that it will happen.

I wonder if this will have the old multiplayer modes as well.

Crysis, once I could finally get it to run back then, was a great time, and had some really impressive set pieces, in a time when set pieces seemed relatively new in video games. I think it’s a great time to re-release it, because I imagine it still holds up well, and I’d think a large player base never had a chance to check it out. Pretty memorable game, I can still hear the activation sounds of the suit in my head.

I want to see Switch footage ASAP.

I’m sure the Switch can handle a 13 year old game.

Surely not the original version. But since they already modified it enough for PS3/360 to handle, and since Switch is more powerful than those, we’ll likely get something a bit better than that console port. Probably with modern dynamic resolution scaling baked in.

Accessing the nanosuit and modifying your suit was better in the sequels.

Now I am wondering if they ever fixed the Steam version……

Welp, only half of the game is fun, but it’s enough to warrant digging out my wallet.

This reveal was a bummer. I foolishly thought we’d be play something new.

I think that’s a good call for this game. Crysis was built around a prediction of how CPUs would evolve that turned out to be pretty different than what actually happened, which is why it can still be taxing even on modern hardware.

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