Red Dead Online is so broken right now, you can’t even shoot

Image: Rockstar Games

A recent Red Dead Online patch meant to ameliorate some issues with the naturalist update has instead completely destabilized the game, according to players who are attempting to load into the wild west right now. The issues are vast, some plaguing the game in the past, and some completely new.

Many are reporting a complete lack of characters and animals populating their servers, making Red Dead Online into somewhat of a ghost town (which has been a problem in the past.) Horses seem to be the only friendly faces that players can count on right now, but often, the steeds are completely glitchy as well. Fans perusing the new update are sharing clips of invisible horses, horses that phase in and out of reality, horses that are on fire, horses that run in place, and more. It’s better than that time Red Dead fans kept encountering huge piles of dead horses, but not by much.

Some players say they can’t even shoot right now, depending on what you’re aiming at — which makes it impossible to complete quests or specific roles.

Perhaps the funniest — if not weirdest — issue fans are encountering right now is the sudden inexplicable appearance of a bald man. There are no NPCs except for this bald man in some lobbies. Sometimes he seems like a real person, sometimes he seems like a translucent ghost. Nobody can explain it.

Others are reporting a number of crashes and errors right now as well. A Rockstar representative tells Polygon that the developer is aware of the recent problems, and has erected a support page that says they are working on a fix. For now, most players seem to be steering clear of the update, since you can’t really do anything without NPCs, animals, horses, or the ability to shoot.

Update: This story has been updated to add comment from Rockstar.


The universe in which Rockstar intentionally planned and released an update to break the game and infect it with a creepy bald phantom is the universe I want to live in.

I think because Red Dead Redemption 2 is one of the most complex games ever made it makes it extra apparent that thanks to endless crunch most AAA games are a broken mess held together by spit and prayers.

Would love to check out the Weird Wild West, but the new update makes the game crash within seconds of starting to play. I walk a few steps —> blue screen. I open the map —> blue screen. I read the menu —> blue screen. I do nothing —> blue screen.

If you have blue screens like that, there could be something very wrong indeed with your computer. It’s worth checking or having it checked.

And my computer would let RDR2 crash on my PS4 because …?

Considering the game is on PC, and blue screening, or BSOD is universally known as a computer problem, people reading your comment probably won’t assume you’re playing on a PlayStation.

I was just being fresh, no worries.

One could argue a PlayStation is a different kind of computer. I mean, ultimately it computes stuff.

And I say that because I’ve had problems on an older computer recently, some stuff triggered BSODs, and the hard drive was at fault.

My father had a laptop like that, the hard drive had physical damages; very kind of you to give me that warning.

But as I said, I play on the PS4. Its error message screen is blue, too, so I call it the bluescreen. I am veeery sure it is not an issue with the console, but 100% the game’s latest update’s fault.

I played RDO for hours yesterday and just logged on today and have seen none of these issues. Are these errors on console only and not PC?

Hey Patricia, nowhere does it mention where this is an issue. PS4? XBOne? PC?

D) all of the above!

Damn, I’m forgetting the age-old high-school rule of IT’S ALWAYS D) ALL OF THE ABOVE

The strange immortal bald man stalking your every move is not a glitch. It’s obviously part of the upcoming Blood Meridian DLC.

I don’t know that this article needed 21 embedded tweets to tell us about glitches that’ll be patched out in a day or two.

You wish!

Bald man looks like Dan Houser. Got to be intentional.

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