PlayStation 5 launches Nov. 12 for $499.99

Image: Sony Interactive Entertainment

The PlayStation 5 will cost $499.99 for the standard version of Sony’s next-gen console and $399.99 for the PS5 Digital Edition — the system without an optical disc drive — when it launches Nov. 12, Sony Interactive Entertainment announced Wednesday during its PlayStation 5 Showcase livestream.

The Nov. 12 release date is for the consoles’ launches in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, and South Korea. They’ll become available on Nov. 19 for the rest of the world, Sony said. Regional pricing is €499.99 in Europe, 49,980 yen in Japan, and £449.99 in the U.K. for the standard edition; the Digital Edition will cost €399.99 in Europe, 39,980 yen in Japan, and £349.99 in the U.K.

Image: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Sony’s PS5 price announcement follows similar news from Microsoft, which announced the release date of its $499.99 Xbox Series X and $299.99 Xbox Series S last week.

Here’s how that PS5 pricing compares to previous generations. Sony launched the PlayStation 4 at $399.99 back in 2013. That price point was much more palatable to consumers than the (infamously high) price of its predecessor, the PlayStation 3, which launched with models priced at $499.99 and $599.99. Prior to those platforms, Sony launched the original PlayStation and PlayStation 2 at $299.99.

Sony has been slowly rolling out details about the PlayStation 5 since the console was first detailed in April 2019. Since then, Sony has confirmed new details like the PS5’s logo, the next-generation DualSense controller, the console’s design, PlayStation 5 box art, and a long list of first-party and third-party games coming to the next-gen console.

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Pretty much as expected!

Is there a performance difference between the Digital Edition and the standard? Or does the 100$ just get you the disk drive?

Far as they’ve announced its just the disk drive.

Then that’s one expensive disk drive.

4K Blu Ray player. I’ve mostly switched to digital purchases for games, but I think I’ll be getting the $500 model.

Considering it can save you thousands of dollars I would think the digital version is the one that is really really expensive.

Sony is locking you into their digital ecosystem with it which will make them a lot of money. They could have really struck a blow if they dropped it to $299 to match Microsoft.

Yeap, no way to buy some games on Disc second hand for a big discount. At $70 per game, GamePass just got a LOT of eyeballs.

"GamePass just got a LOT of eyeballs."

This was clear form the start, nothing changed yesterday except maybe a small pricehike (it’s not like gamepass is immune to pricehiking, just look at PC, and xbox bought games will also be 70)

If anything I can’t buy/preorder both systems anywhere anymore, which is a bigger thing for xbox I presume seeing as poeple might just go for them if possible.

"Yeap, no way to buy some games on Disc second hand for a big discount. "

Sales happen, a lot on PSN actually

Each digital purchase is really two copies (purchasing account can play on any console, any account can play on purchasing account’s primary console), so that’s the benefit I’ve been enjoying.

Still probably getting the disc version, though.

No performance difference

Which is a real thing at that price. I’m thinking of getting both (S and Digital) now cause I can:D

Why? The disc version can also download games

Cause discless and S is 700 and with disc it’s 800? but I could also go


Not sure yet

Was hoping they’d price it at $498 just for the LOLs

lol, true, but also if you think of it in terms of millions of consoles sold, that’s millions of dollars left on the table. That one dollar isn’t likely to change anyone’s decision on whether to buy it so they’d be giving up millions for no benefit.

That prank would cost 100 million dollars. If you sell 100 million consoles, one dollar is a big deal believe it or not.

That was a really good showcase – a nice variety of genres covered, nothing was on screen too long. I do worry that the digital edition will seem expensive compared to the Xbox Series S for people who don’t know the difference, but that’s on them. I’m getting the digital edition as close to day one as I can.

the fact that the hard drive is the same size on the digital only is whats pushing me toward the version with a drive. current gen games aint exactly small, and i dont see em getting any smaller. ive got a Pro, when God of War came out, and im already at the point of having to delete games to make room for new ones. and thats at a 50/50 ratio of digital vs disc purchases. locking myself into SOLELY digital just seems like a good way to run out of room QUICK.

Are you not a fan of external drives? How many games do you play in your day to day rotation. I play only 2 right now and all my other games are on my external, so if I feel like playing I can still get to them easily. Might work for you to save some dollars.

External drives are going to be pricey this generation since the SSDs they’re using are PCI4 nvme SSDs.

If you’re going to want the fancy load times and data streaming, you’re not going to get it popping in a standard HDD or even an SATA SSD.

Unless they are supporting thunderbolt 3+ external storage, It’s not going to matter much what type of drive is in the external enclosure.

Pretty sure ps5 games cannot be played off an external, though ps4 games can.

But they can be reinstalled from one, which is all you can do with a disc anyway.

You’ll run out of room for installed games exactly as fast on the digital and disc models since they’ll both install games to the SSD. If you delete a game and reinstall from blu-ray you’ll also have to redownload the patches, whereas if you move a game from the SSD to a USB disk and then move it back you’ll get to move back the patched version. It’s just a better option.

So you save $100 going discless, but you have to buy all of your games from the PS Store so you’ll always pay more than physical. Then you have to get an external drive and hook it up to your PS5 to store games on it – can’t play them, just storage. Then if you want to play them you have to transfer it back over from the external? Is that right? Wouldn’t it make sense and be cheaper to just have discs?

I understand, but an external hard drive is your friend. Spend the $80-100 extra on an external hard drive and you will never run out of space.

I have 2-3 games that I play regularly on my PS4 Pro drive, with about another 10-12 installed on my external and I still have room left for more.

Honestly, I think it’s a better way to spend your money then buying the version with a drive unless you specifically like having the physical discs.

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