An all-black PS5 is now possible with Dbrand’s ‘Darkplates’

Photo: Dbrand
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PlayStation fans who blanched at Sony’s bold black-and-white design for the PlayStation 5 now have a monochrome option, thanks to accessory maker Dbrand.

Dbrand is now selling replacement plates called Darkplates to customize the color of your PlayStation 5 — and as long as the color you want is matte black, you’re good. Dbrand’s website currently lists customization options for both the Disc Edition and PS5 Digital Edition, although the digital edition plates are not on sale yet. One set of outside plates cost $49 (sans the cost of shipping) for the disc edition.

The outside plates aren’t a skin. They are entirely new components that will allow you to replace the side and middle face plates of your PS5. So you’ll have to install them yourself. Sony did a teardown of the PS5 back in October, which shows how the components come off.

But demand is high. Dbrand is already sold out of its first few manufacturing runs of its Darkplates, and the earliest you may get a set is in May 2021.

Dbrand is being brash about its new product, saying on its website, “Go ahead, sue us.” Presumably, that’s a reference to another company’s attempt at selling black PS5 replacement faceplates under the name PlateStation 5. The company changed its name, but said Sony had threatened legal action over its aftermarket faceplates, and ultimately canceled all orders.


They are getting around patent laws because their plates are different than what the PS5 comes with; slightly diff shape, no PS logo, etc. (unlike the first company that foolishly tried this). And that’s fine, but just announce that and move on. Enough with the idiotic marketing trying to call out Sony. That’s an embarrassing look. I find it idiotic, but hey, to each their own.

Here is the thing, dbrand. I hate to break it to you guys, but you aren’t some hip/cool company. You exist entirely off of other company’s products. You make plastic covers. And hey, that’s totally fine, selling plastic sheets at an obscene markup is surely a fantastic business to be in. Just stop acting like you are rebels because you created a plastic plate that is nearly entirely copying another company’s engineering. lol

settle down pal—like you said, they’re just plastic covers

You sound mad.

Is that you Sony?

Just stop acting like you are rebels because you created a plastic plate that is nearly entirely copying another company’s engineering. lol

It’s a direct replacement. It kind of has to be copy to a large degree. They do tend to try too hard to be edgy, but they are helping to fill a want for a lot of consumers out there so I’m not sure why you are trying to come down so hard on what they do.

It’s funny to see something like this.

When Microsoft did this with the Xbox 360 face plates, they tried to sell it to people at a huuuuuge markup. I figured it was because they were first party, and chose to squeeze people for all they’re worth.

Compared to these "darkplates" (and cringe-worthy advertising), Microsoft was doing us a favor. $80 is the retail price for these.


Oh boy, that price is obscene. Hopefully Sony looks at this and sees the demand for the design, and just makes their own black consoles.

The plates are supposedly going to be $60 at some point, but are selling for $50. Wouldn’t be surprised if they just stay at $50.

They need a new marketing dude/copywriter, wil go down well with Edgelords probably

Lol they really are edge-lordy but I can’t say I really mind as long as the product is well made.

They are entirely new components that will allow you to replace the side and middle face plates of your PS5.

It seems from the product page that the middle is a skin. (Though, yes, the sides are new components.)

Having said that, would be all over this if I could get my hands on a PS5. Not at all a fan of the stock design. This would actually make it fit in with the rest of my entertainment center.

Huh, the matte black looks really nice. Really tones done the garish "I’M A VIDEO GAME TOY" image. Video game hardware design could all use a dose of subtlety.

I covered mine in matte black vinyl and, yeah, it looks remarkably better.

"…the earliest you may get a set is in May 2021". Well, considering that we won’t get a PS5 until the summer (thanks scalpers!) or possibly later, it’s not really an issue, is it?


This exactly

You want a black system. Seems self evident.

I just came here to say "Garth Marenghi’s Darkplates"

Oh Mr. Skippy, you really are like a candle in the wind… unreliable.

The marketing kinda makes me hope they get sued…

That’s… kinda lame.

Good for this company to benefit from it…If Sony is not doing it, might as well someone else does.

Capitalism at it’s finest!

"It’s a little-known fact that Alfred Nobel, in his 1895 will, declared that one day, all Nobel Prizes would be retroactively awarded to dbrand. Sadly, the Nobel Foundation has ignored their founding father’s dying wish. That changes today. With the release of Darkplates, the unthinkable has happened: we’ve taken Sony’s monumental achievement in bad design… and fixed it. We can only assume that our prizes are in the mail."

Oops, they misspelled "dbags" – but the product actually looks pretty cool, even if the marketing is trash.

Maybe it’s a coincidence, I doubt it with their edgelordiness, but they have a female replacing the plates on their website. Almost as if they are saying "look even a girl can do it"

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