Indie game store is joining the Epic Games Store

Image: Epic Games

The indie online storefront is coming as a downloadable app to the Epic Games Store.

Yes, you read that correctly. The digital storefront, a popular platform for distributing indie games of all shapes and sizes, is coming to a different storefron, along with a handful of other PC apps.

The addition will put in front of the Epic Game Store’s roughly 31.3 million active daily users and bring over 200,000 titles from to Epic’s customers.

“ is a collection of some of the most unique, interesting, and independent creations you’ll find on the web,” a representative from told Polygon via email. “Bringing the app to the Epic Games Store will give us an opportunity to widen the audience of people who can discover the diverse collection of indie works that we host.”

A representative from Epic Games confirmed details of how it works to Polygon. Basically, users will download on the store as they would any other app or game. Once it’s downloaded and you launch it, it’s it own thing. Epic will not take a percentage of sales of those games.

Currently, developers selling their games on get to choose what percentage of their sales go toward, meaning that creators could now get the exposure of all more users on a storefront that takes a lower cut of the sales. For comparison, Steam uses a tiered system where Valve takes between a 20% to 30% cut, depending on how much money a game makes, while the Epic Games Store takes 12 percent cut.

The move affirms the idea that the Epic Games Store is moving toward creating its own app store, rather than just sticking to games. Spotify came to Epic’s store late last year and was the first non-gaming app to arrive on the storefront. In addition to, Epic’s store will also add iHeartRadio, open-source web browser Brave, 2D-to-3D modeling generator KenShape, and painting software Krita. and the other apps roll out on the Epic Games store today.


I cannot be the first person to drop everything to read this just to make sure itch hadn’t been bought out.


Yeah, my immediate reaction was "but the website still works, right?". Looks like the answer is "yes", so this is a non-event.

I’m… still worried that might be coming, actually?

Call me paranoid. Personally, I prefer ‘right to be worried, but picked the wrong place and time’.

I assume this would only cover the video games on itch? It would be cool if I could download TTRPGs or poetry from the Epic Launcher, but that seems unlikely.

It just covers the Itch app itself. Once you’ve downloaded that from Epic, downloading and managing games is done through the Itch app.

Honestly, even though I’m not a huge fan of the Epic store in its current form, anything that brings them closer to being a decent competitor for Steam is a good thing.

Doubly so that it looks like they’re looking to preserve the concept and allow it to run semi-independently.

Why the hell should I download another store from a store? What’s the point? Having games directly on EGS would have made a more sense.

They just want eyes on the launcher so that you might buy something, as it’s probably just the launch screen for Fortnite & Rocket League to most people.

And to establish the Epic Store as The Place To Go for such things.

Honestly, this is really likely another salvo in the fight against Apple. Being able to say "well see we like competition enough that we put another storefront in our storefront" is an argument against anything Apple says about why they need monopoly control over what gets purchased on iOS.

As much as I love, I have to be in a certain mood to go trawling through its offerings. Personally, I wouldn’t want the Epic store to be flooded with every high, low, and experimental point of’s portfolio.



Someone should make an app that bundles the Steam store, sell it on Itch.

NEXT STEP, make an app for Steam that bundles the Epic store.

NEXT STEP, world peace.

Whoever wrote this headline knew what they were doing. Smh

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