The Die Hard prequel McClane died hard because of Disney

Though McClane, a theoretical reboot/prequel to the Die Hard franchise, continues to float around IMDb and Wikipedia filmographies, producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura confirms to that the project is a no-go.

“Yeah, no, It’s not happening,” di Bonaventura told Polygon during press rounds for Snake Eyes, the latest installment of the G.I. Joe series. “But what was really interesting was we actually came up with an idea to do it. It was a project that wasn’t Die Hard that then, eventually, shifted over to Die Hard.”

The Die Hard movies have a legacy of repurposing original ideas into vehicles for Bruce Willis’ John McClane. After the success of the original 1988 film, 20th Century Fox executives acquired the rights to Walter Wager’s novel 58 Minutes and hired Die Hard screenwriter Steven E. de Souza to plug in McClane. Die Hard with a Vengeance began as an original action script before Warner Bros. rejiggered it into an installment of the Lethal Weapon franchise. When that didn’t work out, the studio sold the script off to Fox, where it was turned into a Die Hard.

McClane would have taken a similar approach, di Bonaventura said, and allowed Len Wiseman (Live Free or Die Hard), who was announced for the project in 2015, the chance to work with Willis and a fresh face.

“What was interesting about our idea was it allowed you the ability to meet the young John McClane and use Bruce. So it was really interesting in that way. So you sort of got to see both versions of him. A bit [like The Godfather Part 2].”

Though many Die Hard 6 scripts were considered over the years — including Old Habits Die Hard, which made waves in 2013 for being written on spec and posted in full online — the prequel script involving parallel storylines was actually gaining steam ... and then Disney acquired Fox in 2019.

“I don’t know what their plans are,” di Bonaventura said of the franchise and character. Under the Walt Disney Corporation, the newly minted 20th Century Studios is just starting to dip into Fox’s extensive library for inspiration. A series of Simpsons shorts on Disney Plus have lampooned Disney products like Marvel and Star Wars. An Alien TV series is on its way from Fargo creator Noah Hawley. For now, John McClane lies dormant. But in the era of streaming content and IP demands, nothing dies — hard or otherwise.


I don’t think Bruce Willis is interested in doing good movies anymore anyway, so…

So this would be perfect for him

I don’t think Bruce Willis has been interested in acting for several years.

Old Habits Die Hard

What if I told you it was a movie about John McClane in a nunnery, would that be something you were interested in?

A Die Hard crossover with a Sister Act reboot is just what the world needs.

young john mcclane, played cimothée chalamet, goes deep undercover at a convent. he discovers things about both the clergy and himself when he falls for the local priest, and their elicit affair leaves mcclane pregnant. continuing to maintain his cover (lest the cybercriminals he’s tailing find out his identity), he gives birth to a child… a child whose thoughts the audience can hear in voiceover… voiced by bruce willis….

played by timothée* chalamet. alack and alas, these typos and edits.

Is that a reference to Entourage? Or just a coincidence?

What if I told you it was a movie about John McClane in a nunnery, would that be something you were interested in?

I read that to myself in the voice of Morpheus.

Starting to think I might’ve misunderstood the reference though…

I mean, now that you say that I can see how you got there, but it falls apart for me after the comma.

But a character in Entourage named Bob Ryan would say the part after the comma all the time when he was trying to make a deal.

I mean, it’s a common existing idiom, and it sounds like a good title to me.

I think it’s quite clever. It conveys a tone of looking back on the past with a degree of regret, but still ticks the crucial box of having the words ‘Die Hard’ in it.

For an ‘old McClane’ story that could have worked really well.

especially if he gets back together with his ex yet again. or fights more Germans.

I mean it would probably be a terrible film but that title makes more sense than most of the titles in the series, since we never see anyone die with an erection, a larger erection, an erection with a vengeance, etc.

I have strong opinions of the Die Hard franchise.

It shouldn’t have been hard to make a decent "final Die Hard" movie. But I think 4 and 5 took a lot of wind out of the series.

Seriously, just get Bonnie Bedelia and Reginald Vel Johnson back, give McClane a retirement party, and have the son of either Hans or Peter Gruber crash the party.

That being said, there’s no real reason to keep it going. The first three movies are fine as is.

I didn’t even remember a 5th one came out, which is probably for the best if it was of the same quality of the awful 4th movie.

It was clear whoever made the 4th did not understand what made Die Hard great. Trying to turn McClane into some super soldier cop just ruined it.

He spent pretty much every fight in the 4th movie bloodied, limping around, and trying to survive against opponents that outmatch him in terms of skill or threat level, so I’m not sure that "super soldier cop" is really an apt description. Really the only massively over-the-top thing he did in that movie was the car-vs-helicopter scene, which they then have fun in the movie immediately calling out as being ridiculous. The biggest problem the movie has is that it still falls back on the action movie trope of having things like car doors somehow stop bullets.

I’m pretty biased as someone who really enjoyed Live Free or Die Hard… But I’ve always been confused about the vocal detractors on the internet for that movie, because really if you marathon them all it fits right in with the previous ones.

The 5th one, however, is utter garbage. It really feels like they didn’t care about actually having any kind of real villain or heist plot, and just wanted to having Willis slump around improvising nonstop one liners that feel so forced it’s a wonder he doesn’t actively turn to the camera and give thumbs up or something.

I’m pretty biased as someone who really enjoyed Live Free or Die Hard…

I loved it. Saw it twice in theatres.

I also consider With a Vengeance one of the best action films of all time.

Never saw 5. Sometimes you get a feeling so strong that you know to follow it.

Live Free or Die Hard had its moments, it definitely leaned way too hard into tropes from its time.

5 though? Look, just about every Die Hard movie started out as an adaptation of something else, but this was clearly an adaptation of a total non-movie that was sitting one someone’s desk in a giant pile. It’s simply not a Die Hard movie.

I somehow was introduced to the franchise by the 4th one, and while it’s not the best of the bunch, I think it’s an overall enjoyable movie

5 is shit indeed

I was also introduced to the movie series with Live Free or Die Hard. I think the Justin Long character is actually a lot of fun and makes the movie for me, but I also really liked Darcy in Thor and people hated her too.

The cast is pretty good for an early ‘10s action movie. Maggie Q, Timothy Olyphant, Mary Elizabeth Winstead… they’re all clearly having a blast.

the only massively over-the-top thing he did in that movie was the car-vs-helicopter scene

There’s also a very stupid scene with a F-35. Another over-the-top thing is that instead of Gruber shenanigans it’s the whole United State, nay the whole free world, at stakes!

The biggest problem the movie has is that it still falls back on the action movie trope of having things like car doors somehow stop bullets.

That’s not really problematic though, it’s a convention of the genre. Hollywood cars are bulletproof. The biggest problem of the movie is the action as far as I remember is kinda average.

But I’ll agree I dont think it’s as bad as some of the internet loudly claims. It’s okay. And I’ll agree there’s nothing to save from 5th.

To be fair, the scale fits into the progression of the series:
1 is a building
2 is an airport
3 is a city
4 is the eastern seaboard

I love Live Free or Die Hard, though, with Bruce Willis as an older more cynical version of the character, and Justin Long as the nerdy, out of his depths sidekick. The F-35 scene didn’t overly bother me because it’s an action movie and a certain amount of absurdity is expected.

The F-35 scene doesn’t count as a super-cop thing because he wins by accident – McClane’s just fleeing and it’s actually a mistake and overconfidence on the pilot’s part that takes himself out.

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