Disney’s Star Wars hotel will be super immersive and super expensive

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Disney unveiled prices for its upcoming Star Wars hotel experience, Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser, and by the stars, that’s gonna be a whole lot of credits.

The two-night immersive adventure promises a journey into a personalized Star Wars experience, where guests will board a “launch pod” and stay on the Halcyon starcruiser. The full itinerary includes character interactions, lightsaber battles, exploration of the ship and spaces in the Star Wars world, and dining with entertainment. It also includes “unexpected story moments” that aren’t planned, which may whisk guests to help Resistance stowaways or broker heist deals. Sounds super fun, except you’re probably going to want to start saving up money right away.

The exact pricing varies on whether you choose a standard cabin or one of the various suites, but a two-person getaway will start at $4,809 total (and that is specified to be weeknights only). For three guests (which is specifically two adults and one child on the listing) that bumps the price up to $5,229, with four guests (also three adults and one child — families with more than one kid, battle it out!) bringing it to $5,999 for the two-night experience. Truly, not an adventure for your run-of-the-mill moisture farmer.

The full price breakdown can be found on the website, along with the itinerary highlights. The Galactic Starcruiser will launch its maiden voyages in spring 2022.


This is way more expensive than a week and a half stay at Disney World!

…still going to pay for it though. This is going to be one of the coolest experiences that Disney has ever offered.

Even without the obvious Disney capitalism jokes and location, this was still never going to be cheap. Everything in this hotel is custom made in order to get the Star Wars feel. How many hotels outside of Disneyland/world will be ordering custom Star Wars furnishing. Where as your average non-themed hotel uses furnishing that can be found in any other hotel or even a household.

Customization on that level does not come cheap.

The price almost certainly has nothing to do with cost, and everything to do with supply and demand.

Though it’s a bit pricier than expected, it is not a far cry from it. Everyone should have known it was going to be expensive, but Disney knows what it is doing. At least for the first year if not more, I would expect nearly full occupancy and sparse available reservations.

It’s quite possible after the initial release starts to wear down (maybe 2 years?), they may lower prices slightly. I also wouldn’t be surprised if they have promotions and "events" that occur that fluctuates the price. So much potential and people will pay easily.

Disney prices never go down, they only go up. These prices were what were estimated a year or so ago so it shouldn’t really be a surprise. But if you combine this with a longer Disney World stay you could easily ready a $12-15k bill for 4 people at the end of it. Thats a lot of money.

When aliens make an after-action report on our extinction a hundred years from now, it will definitely have a section about priorities and resource allocation.

Nah, they’ll just be like "damn…these people were cool as shit!" and then hopefully try to revive us so we can party together.

haha. No. This is absolutely a waste of resource so manchildren can spend their money trying to replicate their childhoods.

If you got the money, go for it I guess. But…it absolutely is what it is.

What entertainment is not a waste of resources, in your opinion?

All entertainment is a "waste" of resources. Fortunately, people are allowed to play and have fun anyway.

If disney was a good company to give this much money I’d agree, but

I think you’re wildly overrating the reasons humans do anything else. Going to a foreign place to take a picture in front of landmarks is for status and vanity. Climbing a mountain or doing survivalist camping is pretending your life is in danger because the real world is too safe. Going on a spiritual walk or sweat lodge to learn inner peace is just an expression of anxiety and loneliness and an attempt to take control of what we can control.

It may well be stupid to pay $1500/night at a Star Wars themed hotel but I’d genuinely like to see a utilitarian argument that spending that money for a suite in a St. Regis hotel provides something more valuable than pretending you’re in space.

You are on the completely wrong site to be complaining about manchildren wasting money on entertainment…..

Lighten up. I’ll be thinking of your nonsense and all that good work your doing with your cash while my kid is having a once in a lifetime weekend of utter fun.

and i thought they smelled bad on the outside

Disney is literally Genarro from Jurassic Park at this point. "We can charge whatever we want, and people will pay it!"

Maybe they can have coupon day.

The sample itinerary looks terrible and not at all immersive. I can’t imagine why anyone would want to pay for this when they could spend the same or less and spend a full week in Rome, Paris, London, etc.

And I’m saying that as both a big Star Wars fan and a person who really enjoys WDW.

Not worth it. Not even if I was a multimillionaire.

Damn, that’s at least double the pricing they were originally ballparking. I still want to do it, though with being more than expected it will take a lot more planning. Besides if I wait an extra year or two then my daughter may be more interested in it.

Or she moves into the "nerding out with Dad isn’t cool" phase sooner than I expect and it completely bites me in the ass.

I’m just going to assume this is on a real starcruiser, in space.

While yes… very pricy, I can’t imagine those salaries and that kind of experience comes cheap either.

At any rate, this kind of experience feels like the kind of thing your kids are still reminiscing about when they are in their 40s. Can’t wait to hear some of the stories that come out of this one.

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