Final Fantasy 16 demo is out, save carries over to full game

Image: Square Enix

Square Enix has released a demo for Final Fantasy 16 on PlayStation 5 that features the game’s prologue, with progress carrying over to the final release version of the game — so you can start protagonist Clive Rosfield’s epic journey now, if you like.

The prologue introduces you to Clive as he skirts around a spectacular and mildly confusing battle between two warring factions, before flashing back to Clive’s youth as a prince of the Grand Duchy of Rosaria. During this section you get to learn the basics of the game’s fluid combat, take on one or two of its excellent boss battles, and experience some pretty dramatic story beats. You’ll be able to pick your save game up from the end of this prologue when the game is released in full.

I had the chance to play this prologue (and a little further into the game) a few weeks ago, and found that it had that quintessential Final Fantasy feel, despite some big changes to the series’ traditional tone and gameplay.

According to a PlayStation Blog post, completing the prologue unlocks a “special battle demo” that will give you a taste of Clive’s abilities later in the game. This sounds like it will be the demo Polygon sampled earlier this year that left us impressed by the game’s combat dynamics, which have been refined by Devil May Cry 5 designer Ryota Suzuki. You can’t save your progress from this portion of the demo, but you can replay it as many times as you like.

Final Fantasy 16 will be released on June 22, exclusively for PlayStation 5.

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