Call of Duty rumor already has fans buzzing about 2020 game


The reboot nature of this fall’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will continue in 2020, according to rumors that gathered traction in social media and the games press this weekend.

As described, the game will be either Call of Duty: Black Ops 5 or simply Call of Duty: Black Ops; but it’ll be set in the Cold War era and include the Korean and Vietnam Wars in its stories. The first Call of Duty: Black Ops took place between 1961 and 1968 and intersected with the major military actions and political intrigues of that time.

The rumor comes from YouTube insider TheLongSensation, and it’s salient because they previously leaked the correct name of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare before it was officially revealed. And it somewhat aligns with an earlier and more in-depth report by Kotaku that said development on Call of Duty 2020, which was supposed to have been a Sledgehammer Games/Raven Software collaboration, had not gone so well. Treyarch is described as stepping in and moving up the next Black Ops game, which would ordinarily be expected in 2021.

Although “Call of Duty: Black Ops” is the same title as the 2010 shooter, there isn’t much of a player base either to confuse or cannibalize with a decade-old throwback title. Going back to the Cold War setting (subsequent Blops were set in 2025 and pushed forward from there) would also justify a reboot branding similar to this year’s no-frills name for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

It’s the “described as even more gritty and gruesome than Modern Warfare” that intrigues me. We don’t know exactly what that means because Modern Warfare doesn’t launch until Oct. 25. Activision has fig-leafed this M-rated franchise’s appeal to teenagers for years, and kids still get their hands on things a ton more violent. But all we need is a think-of-the-kids controversy in an election year over a sequence even more shocking than “No Russian.”


So they really haven’t moved onto GaaS yet for this franchise? Why?

The stuff I’ve seen about Modern Warfare has been alright, but I don’t really want to keep getting a "new" Call of Duty that risks being good or bad every year. Why not just have one game that changes often like the rest of the market.

They may be doing that with their next Battle Royale game. It’s rumored to be launching for free in early 2020, as a separate game from Modern Warfare.

Because they still sell it every year. Call of Duty has seen more trends come and go than most games.

Plus you have to realise there are bad "service games" that don’t find an audience. It’s just as risky if not more.

They’ve all but shifted to this model already. My issue is these reboots signal they don’t know what to do to draw players back from other market games, but they keep trying again from scratch every year in hopes something sticks.

Really, Call of Duty has to be considered as three separate series in one – Given it’s developed by three separate companies in a cycle that rarely intertwines beyond sharing a name and mechanics.

One of their series rebooting and then another, almost completely unrelated, series rebooting doesn’t seem that concerning to me. Now if when it’s time for MW2 they reboot, I’ll be worried.

The "Call of Duty" in a title is the equivalent of "Tom Clancy’s."

Eh, until we see Call of Duty flight sims and strategy games, I don’t really think that’s a proper comparison.

Not really, all the call of duty games are still in essense the same game. Just different settings and varied weapons. Each game still plays the same as the last one though and are instantly recognisable as call of duty games. But the various Tom Clancy games are all quite different to each other. Splinter Cell vs The Division for example have very little in common.

I’m not really sure how close to Modern Warfare the next game will be. I have a sinking suspicion it’ll have little in common, save maybe characters and a few tropey plot points, and they’re only using the name to gather interest. It seems people are receptive, but we’ll see how Modern Warfare Too actually fares.

Oh I’m certain that’s what they’re doing, but I wouldn’t mind that, still. I do miss the old days of playing Call of Duty 4 after school, if they can emulate that feeling for even a minute I’ll be content. My biggest disappointment is the lack of Captain Price’s original VA, the newer one doesn’t sound as good.

I think they know what to do to draw players, and that the same thing Disney does to draw people in theaters, rehashing the same stuff with the same name and hope your nostalgia will have the better of you.

It’s probably less risky than trying to be the next Anthem.

This would bring life to a currently underutilized genre. We haven’t seen any big-budget AAA FPS games set during the Cold/Vietnam/Korea Wars for a number of years. Closest game I can think of is Rising Storm Vietnam and of course BFBC2 Vietnam and the OG BLOPS.

I think I might actually like this one, be interesting to see how much of a change up it actually is, given the tactical side sounds like rainbow 6, but they still use terms such as run and gun. They don’t work to well in the same game.

You’re quoting someone who has "YT" in their name? Eight Thoughts is shaking his head right now…

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