Tim Allen is gonna be Santa Claus again

Image: Walt Disney Pictures

Tim Allen returns to the role of Scott Calvin — aka Santa Claus of The Santa Clause universe — for a new limited series for Disney Plus. Allen will also executive-produce the series.

The first Santa Clause movie came out in 1994, and followed divorced dad Scott, who accidentally became Santa after the original gift-giver fell off his roof. After he puts on Santa’s red coat, he learns that there is a built-in contractual clause for the occupational risk of falling off roofs. A ... Santa Clause, if you will.

Two more Santa Clause movies dived into other nitty-gritty legal clauses of being Santa. In the second film, Scott needed to find a wife to fulfill the Mrs. Clause, while in the third movie, Jack Frost (Martin Short) manages to trick Scott into triggering the “Escape Clause” and then goes back in time to become Santa himself. Yeah, they get a little weird.

The new series will revisit Scott on his 65th birthday, when he realizes he can’t be Santa forever. He wants to spend more time with his family, especially his two kids raised in the North Pole, so he sets off to find a suitable Santa replacement.

Production on this new series will begin in March. Word is out on whether other cast members will reprise their roles. Here’s holding out for David Krumholtz to come back as Bernard the Elf.


Tim Allen is gonna be Santa Claus again

Thanks for the warning.

LOL. Got rid of Gina Carano, brought back Tim Allen.

Paula Abdul wrote a song about this once with a cartoon cat, IIRC

This is great news, I’ve always wanted to see Santa rail a fat line of coke while saying racial slurs.

Then he gets busted and immediately rats out everybody he was schwackin’ rails with.

That was like… 40 years ago?

I am legitimately shocked Disney is choosing to subject themselves to this.

Like, who’s asking for this, exactly? Those movies are a relic of the 90’s that don’t age particularly well to begin with. With Evans in that Lightyear movie and the Toy Story films seemingly moving on to something new in the future, why would they bring back someone as toxic as Tim Allen? There’s very little to gain compared to how badly Allen is capable of causing a whole new controversy for them that will probably pale in comparison to the Carano debacle.

That answer should be fairly obvious even for you, three films shows their is an audience expecting a particular star. There is money to be made and what that dude has done is not going to tank the potential benefit. Carano doesn’t make or break Star Wars, easy to drop.

Is Allen toxic?

Right? I get that he rubs some people the wrong way because he’s a more conservative guy but from what I’ve read he’s more of an old-school big gov skeptic type than the new-school populist/white supremacist kind. I don’t think that’s going to affect whether the average person wants to see him in a movie.

He’s definitely on the milder end of things. Not someone I would personally want to watch any longer, but not someone I would say, like, shouldn’t be working, like a Louis CK or something.

I mean I’m not getting in line to watch 8 seasons of Last Man Standing, but I would have zero qualms watching something relatively apolitical like a Disney movie with him in it (if it was something I wanted to watch, which this probably isn’t). I just think the comparisons to Carano, Chapelle, etc. that I’m seeing in this comments section are a tad unfair.

He’s a Trump supporter. Which, y’know, gross. But I don’t see him personally saying anything bigoted. He hasn’t said anything that I’ve seen on the level of what Carino said, and I’m sure Polygon would have mentioned it and Disney would have thought twice if he had.

Source: exactly 2 minutes on Google, so y’know, grain of salt and all that.

Yeah, that’s probably enough to limit his opportunities in a fairly liberal community like Hollywood but 68 million people did the same so I don’t see that making him toxic in the average consumer’s mind.

Frankly, the real cancellable offense was Wild Hogs.

If you think about it, no one who was in that movie has ever recovered from it. William H. Macy has been in some big TV shows in supporting roles but that’s best-case scenario.

William H. Macy has been in some big TV shows in supporting roles but that’s best-case scenario.

Starring in one of Showtimes most successful series for 10 years is one hell of a supporting role

legit contender for worst film ever made.

I think what sets it apart from, say, a Birdemic, is that it had actual budget and star(?)power behind it.

And at least Birdemic has a socially-conscious message! Nonsensical…but he meant well lol.

People talk about "liberal" America and Trump supporters as if they were two equal but opposite sides. False. The liberal Americans make mistakes and are not always entirely right, but the Trump supporters are flat-out wrong, on the wrong side of history, and probably evil if you sit right down and think about. I have no hesitation comparing them to Nazi supporters in Germany in the 1930s. The sides are not the same.

You’re preaching to the choir here, but my point is that I doubt the average Disney+ user feels nearly as strongly about it, especially given that half of them voted for the guy themselves. So I don’t think Tim Allen is going to be toxic for Disney as far as PR goes.

Also Allen wasn’t like, in commercials for the guy. Not that I know of at least.

No, a quick Google search showed that he endorsed Kasich in 2016. Which is probably the most reasonable thing a Republican could do at that point.

Ah right, that makes sense, sorry for the hostility. I just read your words wrong – my problem, not yours.

You’re good! And your point is still valid in the sense that it’s hard to know how treat people when half the country supports an evil man/platform. Many of whom are just pawns in his eyes.

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