Fortnite Chapter 2: Here are the biggest changes

Epic Games via Polygon

Fortnite Chapter 2 season 1 is here and and to help keep things exciting, it seems that Epic has decided to release the patch with no patch notes. But there are a few changes that will be noticeable right off the bat.

The biggest and most obvious change in Chapter 2 is the game’s new map. The new map still has the same style of hills and forests that players are used to, but there are now other natural features like rivers that split up the map. To make navigating these rivers a little easier, Epic has also added a new boat vehicle. There are also several new named locations, and a few returning favorites like Pleasant Park and Salty Springs.

Fortnite’s weapons also got a slight revamp as part of the Chapter 2 changes. Old standbys like the Pump and Tactical Shotguns, Assault Rifles, and Bolt-Action Sniper are still around, but some of the game’s more ridiculous weapons seem to have been vaulted. This takes the game back to basics and makes it feel more like the early seasons of Chapter 1.

To keep track of all the changes in Chapter 2 season 1 we’ve put together a list of all the changes we’ve been able to find so far.

Fortnite Chapter 2 change list (updating throughout the day)

Gameplay Changes



So that’s 10 so far, most of which are still on the front page. You’d be forgiven for thinking Polygon was a fortnite fan community if you looked at it right now.

Could the 2 different articles that both say chapter 2 has new stuff not be rolled into one? Or maybe a separate tab for fortnite stuff like you guys do for MOBAs?

Game site covers biggest game in the world. News at 11.

This happens every time there’s a major game launch/relaunch. When RDR 2 came out, every article was some sort of guide or tip list or video walkthrough of the game.

Instead of clicking on the links to post underneath their respective articles, consider not clicking on them. Then you won’t have to read the articles and I won’t have to read your posts.


that’s… one way to look at it

the other way is if you looked at the front page, saw one game dominating the news, and concluded that something substantial happened in that game to warrant so many articles

it’s a news cycle, mate

I get where you’re coming from, Jiga, I really do. But by comparison, if you take a peek at, say, IGN or Kotaku, they’re got one link for everything new in Fortnite right now, at the top of the page, that links to all of their articles on the subject. Below that is nother news, and there’s been plenty of it this week thanks to Blizzard and a handful of indie releases. Heck, I miss when polygon used to focus on indie stuff rather than the AAAs.

Going to the polygon front page, and seeing nothing but Fortnite articles, several of which could be made into a single article, is a bit much, IMO.

Still, I admit you’re right, it’s a big event for a massive game, and does warrant coverage.

You’d be forgiven for thinking Polygon was a fortnite fan community if you looked at it right now.

Looking at the front page I’m seeing that 2 of the first 20 articles are about Fortnite.

In that same 20 there are also 2 about Pokémon. Are you equally upset about that?

Here’s how my frontpage looked when I started bitching:

Way more than 2, 5 in the image alone without scrolling, and that was before all the chapter 2 articles.

looking at that image how could you possibly be annoyed about anything other than the 10+ notifications on your phone?

I’m dying

And you’ve commented on every single one. Do you really have nothing better to do? Playing in traffic seems like it might be right up your alley.

This chaper are gonna be a thing and I REALLY REALLY hope that the map isn’t covered with water everywhere

theres a lake and an inlet but most of the water is just rivers throughout the map. Makes good roads with the boats and in the limited amount I’ve played, aren’t too much of a difficulty to traverse.

I don’t really have the time to dabble in Fortnite, preferring story driven games at the moment, but it’s fun that they keep reinventing the game to keep it fresh for the several that do enjoy it. Young me with infinite free-time would definitely get a kick out of this game.

…the several that do enjoy it.


i mean, there’s a few fans out there, right?

Yeah? I have a few friends that play it.

•Pump and Tactical Shotguns are still in the game

Maybe I’m just being nit-picky, but how does that qualify as one of the biggest changes?

Does the game still have performance issues on Switch post-update?

I played my first match of the new season on Switch and it was markedly improved. Felt far smoother than the last time I played.

Actually, the graphics on both Switch and Ps4 (Pro) were both enhanced, to a noticeable degree (as someone who hadn’t played in ~2 seasons). It felt smoother than ever on Switch, and the PS4 version made the game brighter and everything seemed very polished. It almost seemed like it may now be in 4k? Or using HDR? (I haven’t kept up on their graphical changes, so maybe that’s not new to people.) But it gave the player characters in-match a very real, almost vinyl action figure-like sheen to them. Which, personally, I liked a lot.

That’s good to hear. I played a game on Switch last night as it’s my main console now I’ve lapsed with my PS4.

Sadly I wasn’t impressed enough to keep going after my first match and deleted it thereafter. It was more the crazy amount of challenges that put me off. I don’t want to put the time in again. Also, playing in a Pro controller felt a little weird after many hours on a DS4.

I hope you enjoy the new season!

Dear Polygon, please add a Fortnite filter to your news page. Or perhaps you might like to change your site name to FNN.

Disco Elysium is out, those few critics that have reviewed it are gushing over it and I can’t find one article on this site about this game at all.

At the same time we’ve had 8 Fortnite articles in the last 3 days alone. Ok, I get it, Fortnite gets clicks, but you have plenty of space to at least acknowledge the game is out if not review it. It’s not like the week was packed with new releases, but apparently it’s more interesting to stare at the black hole in a game for days than to write about fresh and original new games.

How come ACG – one man band makes time to play and make 19 minute detailed video review in time for game launch, yet almost no big gaming site even bothered to note that the game is out (RockPaperShotgun being one notable exception)?

Talk about much ado about nothing. What was the point in keeping the game down two days for this?

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