Nearly every great Wii U game has come (or is coming) to Switch


It seems the disastrous Wii U had a silver lining, in that it has helped Nintendo buoy the Nintendo Switch’s catalog — particularly in these early years — with ports of games that very few people played the first time around. At present there have been 11 Wii U games ported — or are in the midst of being ported — to the Switch. Here’s the full list so far, including content-similar sequels like Smash Bros. Ultimate and Super Mario Maker 2. (This list doesn’t include the many excellent multi-platform third-party games that appeared on Wii U and now have a home on Switch, like Axiom Verge and Shovel Knight.)

Which begs the question, what’s left? We’re not going to list every Wii U game that we expect to see eventually come to Nintendo Switch, just the gems.

Super Mario 3D World


This is the biggest of the bunch. Moving away from the spherical level designs of Super Mario Odyssey, Super Mario 3D World is a more traditional, yet truly fantastic, entry in the long-running series. It was the first 3D Mario game to offer full multiplayer support, and introduced all sorts of new mechanics and abilities (Cat Mario, hell yes.) The Nintendo Switch already has some references to Super Mario 3D World, thanks to a theme in Super Mario Maker 2; the full game’s arrival feels like only a matter of time.

Pikmin 3


While not ground-breaking, Pikmin 3 was a solid entry in the franchise with some interesting mechanics, mostly utilizing the Wii U’s gamepad as a pointer and overworld map. Many of these features would need to be altered to work on the Switch, but it doesn’t seem impossible, especially given other games (like Captain Toad) have been able to make similar changes. Also possible: a brand-new Pikmin game coming to Switch, better designed for the existing platform.

The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD and Twilight Princess HD


Neither of these were originally Wii U games, though they did get noticeable graphical bumps on the new platform, so we’ll toss ‘em in for good measure. While Wind Waker is a bit more enduring (and adorable), Twilight Princess is an underrated gem, offering a darker, more canid-heavy Zelda adventure. They’d both be very welcome on the Switch, especially as it is likely to be quite some time before the Breath of the Wild sequel drops.

The Wonderful 101

For a company known for wild experiments, this may be one of Platinum Games’ weirdest. The Wonderful 101 let players control a growing mob of super heroes through a mix of traditional controls and drawing shapes on the Wii U GamePad. It was certainly a unique mix of action, traversal and puzzles, united by premise of transforming your band of heroes into a variety of weapons and tools. The Wonderful 101’s main mechanic may be a challenge to port to the Switch, but that hasn’t stopped creator Hideki Kamiya and Platinum from dropping hints anyway.

Real talk, that’s really it, folks. There are some borderline fan-favorites that may appear, but by and large there’s really not much else from the Wii U generation that we’d love to see make the jump to Switch.


Dr. Luigi

I’d love to see the Metroid Prime Trilogy make it, I’m hoping to be able to replay though them before 4 comes out!

Every Nintendo Direct I hold my breath hoping for this.

I would definitely appreciate it since I bought the trilogy and then it had some bug so I could never play it. Too busy to try to get Nintendo to fix it, so just $20 down the drain.

I feel like I had mine crash a few times so I deleted it and re-downloaded, then it stopped having issues? It’s been years since the problem, but I think it worked.

I replied to another user as well, but you should seriously try out the Dolphin emulator if your PC can run it. The games run extremely well on the emulator.

At this point, it simply wouldn’t make any sense for Nintendo not to do this. Clearly they know there’s a market for Metroid – just look at the remake for the New Nintendo 3DS. It sold well, and it was well received.

Just a matter of time my friend… Matter of time

The Nintendo effect is simply this. If it’s not even rumoured or leaked and fans want it, it makes Nintendo even less likely to release it.

That would be a great idea, with a few caveats. The first one being that all three games should set motion controls as optional, including adding "classic controls" to Prime 3. Using the system itself for aiming does work pretty well, but again, setting it as an option would be appreciated.

In the case of Metroid Prime 1, figuring out a workaround to the disabled visual effects on the gun would be nice. Previously it was 2D artwork, which is why when motion control aiming was added, which involved changing the direction the gun points on the screen instead of moving the camera, they found those 2D graphics were "broken" by it. Well, they could redo the effects in 3D. I would also figure out what went wrong with the water effects in that game and fix those too.

Related to this, bring back all three game’s individual title screens. The "Trilogy" title screen is a poor subtitute for the high quality of the originals. They should do it more like the All-Stars collection in that regard.

The biggest change though? They should absolutely undo all the "sequence breaking" fixes they applied to the games over the years. Later revisions of Metroid Prime 1 in particular applied weird "unbreakable" locks to doors you’re not meant to go through "yet". Not only does that break immersion, it seems like Nintendo at the time didn’t yet understand that breaking the sequence and getting ahead of where you are "intended" to be in an open environment is a big part of the fun.

Related to that, remove the requirement for the key hunt stuff in the first two games. Having to backtrack through the entire game all over again when you think you’re right at the end is just filler. Leave the keys in for completionists, but don’t require them. Perhaps they can unlock a super secret boss or something.

Don’t bother with "ticket trading unlocks". It was a rather awkward system in the Wii Trilogy, and once online access goes down it breaks it anyway. It’s a single player game, just leave it single player.

I know it’s not the same but if you got a decent PC i’d highly recommend downloading the Dolphin emulator and playing the games on your PC. They run like charm, and if you got a good graphics card you can even up the resolution to full HD or even 4K.

It feels so right that every time it comes up I have to be reminded it’s NOT been announced.

As long as they fix the controls. Prime 1 had awkward tank controls even for its time and the Wii games rely on motion controls that are better but not terribly so. A unified, modern twin stick control scheme with gyro aim would be amazing and make the trilogy fresh again.

This. I tried the first one on an emulator years ago and the way it controls is just garbage and ANY game with motion controls is a waste imo. Motion controls were a gimmick for casuals.

It had tank controls cause it wasn’t a fps, it was basically trying 2d metroid in 3d. If they "fix" it it will not be the same thing

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild isn’t a First Person Shooter either, but still gives us a twin stick shooter with gyro control scheme…

So? That was designed that way. You can’t magically change a lock on platformer into an FPS

I think everybody is hoping for this.

But it’s worth noting that while the trilogy is playable on Wii U, it runs as a Wii game. That won’t cut it on Switch, so it’s not a simple port job, and there’s an appreciable amount of remastering to be done.

Not to mention all the control confusion. While Joycons can handle motion controls, the lack of a "sensor bar" makes them distinctly inferior to the original Wiimotes for this kind of game (you’d constantly be recalibrating, a la Skyward Sword). And if all three games are playable in portable mode, then Corruption would need to be retrofitted (Retro-fitted?) with standard controls similar to the original releases of MP1 and 2.

None of these are insurmountable problems. For all we know, they’ve already been tackled and Nintendo is just timing the release to better support MP4. But the Metroid Prime Trilogy would be a very different beast from other Wii U ports, regardless.



There are no other Mecha RPGs like it

Yup, this. Not sure how you could ever miss this one.

Can’t say it disappointing though, it was insanely cool. Not having an elaborate core story never felt like a problem with so many other things to do and explore.

I’m usually in it for the story, this one definitely didn’t get played much by me because of that. Glad to hear that other people enjoyed it!

I knew something big was missing, couldn’t put my finger on it

Yeah this really does deserve to be on the list. I have always preferred it to the original Xenoblade, and IMO it would be a much more Switch-friendly game, given the mission structure and exploration loop. Talk about underrated gems.

That song was one of the biggest reasons I stopped playing the game. Grated on my nerves every time

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