Pokémon Go update adds major quality-of-life improvements

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An update for Pokémon Go has rolled out to mobile devices that includes a plethora of quality-of-life changes.

Some of them aren’t too noticeable without some sleuthing around, but here are some of the biggest:

You can check IVs within the app now

Before, players had to use other apps, like PokéGenie, to check the exact percentages of their Pokémons’ IVs. Now, if players use the appraisal system within the app, the team leaders will show each Pokémon’s stats on a bar and give it a star rating.

You can even tap the arrows on the left and right of the appraisal to see the next Pokémon’s stats without having to close the screen. Thank Arceus!

Pokémon will only get stars if its IV percentage is above 50. Two stars means it has about 66-80 percent perfect IVs. Three means its 82-100 percent.

You can filter your Pokémon by IV easily using simplified search filters

Pokémon Go always had search features that Niantic didn’t explicitly tell players about. For example, you can tap the magnifying glass icon at the top of your Pokémon menu and type “shiny” to only show your Shiny ’mons, or “legendary” to show all your Legendary ’mons. Simple enough.

Now you can look up Pokémon by their star rating, making it very simple to find 100 percent IV Pokémon you may have. Simply typing “4*” in the search bar will yield all of your 100 percent IV Pokémon, making it easy to spot any sleeper picks you may have missed.

Looking up “3*”, “2*,” and “1*” will also filter out your Pokémon by those IV ratings as well. The current list of search terms can be found here.

Landing curveball throws is easier on bigger phones now

Before the update, it was harder to land curveballs on phones with big screens. Now Niantic has made it easier, thanks to faster acceleration of Pokéballs and a wider frame of view. If you’ve been struggling to reach that Shuppet, it should be a bit easier now.

“New Attack” button shifted

Trainers playing on smaller phones won’t have to worry about accidentally hitting the “New Attack” button when trying to close out the window anymore. However, if you play on a bigger phone, like an iPhone XR, the button is now in the area you press to close the window. Sacrifices had to be made, I guess.

This update also laid the groundwork for Team Rocket to start appearing in the game, so keep an eye out, as we expect them to appear any day.


Two stars means it has about 66-80 percent perfect IVs. Three means its 82-100 percent.

So we still need a third-party tool to determine the exact number. 82-100% is a large range.

Searching 4* will return all 100% IV pokemon. When you appraise a pokemon, there will be a variety of easy to read information.

First you have bars for each of the 3 stats, attack, defense, stamina. These bars are broken up into 3 (5, 10, and 15) and there are 5 invisible "notches" in each section. It should be pretty easy to tell the difference between a 10 attack and an 11 attack, for example. If a stat is 15, the bar is full and the color changes to a reddish hue.

If all three stats are 15, then it gets a 3 star badge, but the badge is a reddish hue instead of orange. That is the visual indicator of the 4* search term.

It is actually pretty easy to read and decipher, the only way it would be easier is to have actual numbers. But there really isn’t much need.

tl;dr article writer botched explaining the system.

I’ll take a look and see. 100 was always easy to determine based on the description. It’s just a matter of minute differences in to 90 range. I’ll take a closer look based on your comment.

It’s really easy, and you definitely don’t need a third party tool anymore. Here’s what it looks like:

There might be some ambiguity over what numbers are what at first glance (i.e., are defense and HP 13 or 14?), but scroll through enough of your Pokemon to check their IVs and it’ll make sense.

I rely too much on the auto-formatted renaming feature to let go of Poke Genie entirely, but the in-game appraisal sure is helpful now to narrow things down.

Same here. Hoping that PokeGenie updates soon so it can read the new format. I need my names.

It’s also just good UX design. Instead of having a bunch of esoteric words and up to five screens to click through, now you have…one. And it highlights the favourite star for you to tap so you don’t accidentally trade your good one. All while adding new info that was previously only accessible by math (or guess) in third party apps/websites.

Sword and Shield has bad animations.

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