Batman and Spawn will reunite in new story from Todd McFarlane

Image: Doug Moench/DC Comics

Here’s something only ’90s kids will understand: Batman and Spawn are together again in a comic book for the first time since 1994.

At DC’s Jim Lee & Friends panel at San Diego Comic-Con, the publisher announced a number of marquee titles — and one of the biggest surprises was a Batman/Spawn crossover comic, a ’90s redux few likely expected.

Written by Spawn creator Todd McFarlane with art by Greg Capullo (Batman, Dark Knights: Metal), Batman/Spawn #1 is a 48-page one shot that will hit shelves on Dec. 13.

This will be the third time the two characters crossed over. The first was a 1994 one-shot titled Spawn/Batman, written by Frank Miller with art by McFarlane, published by Image Comics. The second, also published in 1994, but by DC Comics, was Batman-Spawn: War Devil by Doug Moench, Chuck Dixon, Alan Grant, and Klaus Janson. (DC also announced a reprint of War Devil is coming Nov. 15.)

Both comics were pretty standard (if violent) crossover fare, where the two characters meet, fight, and eventually realize they’re after the same person. Tale as old as time, much like masked crimefighters who operate at night and love ornate capes.

According to DC, additional details and artwork will be revealed soon, but in a 2017 interview, Todd McFarlane said that he had a pitch for a sequel to Spawn/Batman in mind to write with artist Greg Capullo that never got off the ground. Is this Batman/Spawn comic what he had in mind then? Maybe. Will this be part of the burgeoning Spawn Universe? What isn’t, these days?

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