Stranger Things’ Surfer Boy Pizza number really lets you call Argyle

Image: Netflix

Netflix has already released all of Stranger Things season 4’s episodes, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t more mysteries for fans to discover. For instance, fans have found that if you dial the number of Surfer Boy Pizza, the show’s in-universe pizza place, you can get a special message from Argyle, the restaurant’s eternally stoned delivery driver.

The number itself is visible on the side of his van during the show as 805-45-pizza (or 805-457-4992). If you call it in real life, you’ll get a recording of Argyle, who gives his opening line before interrupting himself to explain a ridiculously complicated order to a coworker.

Here’s a full look the order he recounts:

Brochacos, I just got another order before this dude on hold called it’s super specific, like weird specific. You ready? So first, it’s got to be a six inch crust and it’s got to be super yellow. I don’t know, don’t ask me man. That’s what they said. And then we got to get the red sauce, just up to the edge on the crust. So don’t go over. And next they want, and this is really important, four chops of white mozzarella, three habaneros nice and bright orange, two green pepper slices, got to let the habanero sing man. And then one, just one, piece of blue cheese on top. Now I know it’s strange. Blue cheese is damn near mold. But hey, have you tried it? Try before you deny bro. Ok that’s all I got. Did you get the order? Yeah, cool.

After the order, Argyle briefly returns to the phone to thank you for holding, then hangs up and ends the call. It’s not clear if this leads to some larger Stranger Things Easter egg or not, but it’s at least a nice surprise for fans as the wait for season 5 begins.

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