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P.T. ghost and Norman Reedus reunite in MGS5 thanks to the magic of datamining

It’s so beautiful — but what does it all mean?

Dataminers have thoroughly plundered P.T. now, and imported character models into the Windows PC version of Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain and creating this sequence between Norman Reedus (playing the part of Big Boss) and Lisa, one of the apparitions from P.T. (as Quiet). It’s at least as coherent as anything we’ve seen from Death Stranding so far.

Yes, everyone, we can confirm there is fetus. Repeat: fetus status = confirmed (at the 1 minute mark).

The video comes from Lakitouille on YouTube. There is plenty more over on the Facepunch user forums, (via NeoGAF) which includes two models not seen in P.T. This ... thing:

and then this guy, who could just be a generic model, but who knows.

The datamine of the game is pretty much finished, meaning modders and users can go over to Facepunch and use all the assets of P.T. for whatever corrupt purposes they have in mind. We’re sure they’ll do so with the parting words of Guillermo Del Toro ringing in their ears.

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