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Randy Pitchford on Battleborne, Borderlands, Brothers in Arms and Aliens: Newsworthy

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Welcome to the inaugural episode of Newsworthy, an interview show that aims to talk about the intersection of news and games with newsmakers and thought leaders both inside and outside the game industry.

Today we sit down with Gearbox co-founder and sleight of hand aficionado Randy Pitchford.

Pitchford paid his way through college as a magician, that experience as a showman has served him well ever since, helping him drive attention to games like Borderlands, Brothers in Arms and Battleborn as the co founder of Gearbox Studios. I had a chance to catch up with Pitchford at this year's DICE summit the day before he and magician Penn Jillette kicked off the show with a talk about misdirection and magic.

In the interview we discussed his history and game plans with Jillette, the current state of Gearbox games, politics and his take on the 2013 class action lawsuit that alleged Gearbox and Sega used false advertising to sell Aliens: Colonial Marines. That suit was dropped against Gearbox, but the studio remains unforgiven by some.

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