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Hideo Kojima on life after Konami, Metal Gear and Silent Hills: Newsworthy

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Newsworthy is an interview show that aims to talk about the intersection of news and games with newsmakers and thought leaders both inside and outside the game industry.

Today we sit down with Kojima Productions founder and movie-lover Hideo Kojima.

Kojima recently went through a very public breakup with Konami, a publisher with whom he created games - including Metal Gear Solid titles - for about 30 years. The departure came as Konami killed off Silent Hills, a reboot of the horror franchise, that was to be the result of a collaboration between Kojima and del Toro with voice acting by Norman Reedus (The Walking Dead).

Now Kojima is working on building his new studio and a new game for Sony. I sat down with Kojima shortly before he took the stage with Del Toro at DICE Summit, to discuss his future and breaking up with Konami, Metal Gear and Silent Hill.

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