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CoolGames Inc: Exploring a massively multiplayer online musical

It's Friday, which means we're burdening you with yet another episode of CoolGames Inc! Here's the premise: Each week Griffin McElroy and I take Twitter-suggested video game ideas, sort through them and pick a favorite to turn into a full-blown design document.

This time on the show, we try to figure out how we can incorporate one of Blockbuster's Pokémon Snap photo printers into our next project before really sinking our teeth into the idea of a musical MMO — all leading up to a quick detour into the world of Treasures for Terry.

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Theme song: "Social Science" by Maxo

Want your game idea to be featured on a future episode of CoolGames Inc? The best bet is to follow us on Twitter: I'm on there as @babylonian and Griffin is @griffinmcelroy. Once a week — usually on Wednesday afternoon — we'll put out a request for your pitches, so stay vigilant!

This week's inspiration comes from @JohnDudebro, who, despite the hundreds of submissions we receive each week, has already managed to win twice in just six episodes:

The next level of puzzles.

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