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CoolGames Inc: Watching Shrek kiss The Croods in DreamWorks Kissing Party

It's time for yet another installment of CoolGames Inc, the podcast where each week we design a video game from scratch using nothing but the power of your great ideas! This week, we're joined by GameSpot's Danny O'Dwyer to create — and subsequently destroy — a game about doing VR dentistry on fantasy creatures.

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Theme song: "Social Science" by Maxo

Want your game idea to be featured on a future episode of CoolGames Inc? Tweet your best ideas at @CoolGamesInc, and we'll pick our favorites to be on the show! You can also follow our personal accounts: I'm on there as @babylonian and Griffin is @griffinmcelroy. Once a week, we'll put out a request for your pitches, so stay vigilant!

This week's concept comes from ‎@ROBOT_7 on Twitter:

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