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Pokémon Go Evolution Event 2019 guide: field research and rewards

Use the increased spawns to grab some powerful Pokémon

Pokemon Go: Scyther Samit Sarkar/Polygon
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Pokémon Go’s Evolution Event started today and now is the best time to grab any evolution items, like Sinnoh and Unova Stones.

Until Dec. 12 at 4 p.m. ET, special Field Research Tasks that reward evolution items will be able to be grabbed from PokéStops. Onix, Eevee, Roselia, and Burmy will also spawn more frequently in the wild and Lickitung, Scyther, Togetic, and Ralts will be featured in raids.

To make the most of this event, grab as many Roselia, Ralts, Scyther, and Togetic as you can. Roserade and Scyther are both great grass- and bug-type attackers respectively. Gardevoir and Togekiss top the charts as fairy-type attackers as well.

XP from evolving Pokémon will also be doubled, so if you have a lot of Pokémon that have low Candy costs to evolve, like Caterpie, you can mass evolve those while using a Lucky Egg for some good gains.

Burmy will also be spawning Shiny for the first time.

Shiny Burmy, Wormadam, and Mothim all lined up together Niantic via Polygon

Pokémon Go Evolution Event 2019 Field Research and rewards

Task Reward
Task Reward
Evolution Event: Catch 10 Horsea Dragon Scale
Evolution Event: Catch 10 Poliwag or Slowpoke King's Rock
Evolution Event: Catch 10 Sunkern Sunstone
Evolution Event: Catch 5 Onix Metal Coat
Evolution Event: Catch 5 Porygon Up-Grade
Evolution Event: Evolve 10 Pokémon Burmy encounter
Evolution Event: Evolve 5 Pokémon 1,000 Stardust
Evolution Event: Evolve a Feebas 3 Rare Candy
Evolution Event: Evolve an Onix Scyther encounter
Evolution Event: Hatch 7 eggs Sinnoh Stone
Evolution Event: Use an item to evolve a Pokémon Clamperl encounter
Evolution Event: Win 3 times against Team Go Rocket leaders Unova Stone
Evolution Event: Win 5 raids Magnetic, Mossy, or Glacial Lure

The event ends on Dec. 12 at 4 p.m. ET.

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